Saturday, October 9, 2021

Coffee and Jazz

October 2021 - Toronto ON

Roncesvalles Ave Toronto

Kiefer Sutherland - Bloor St. sings about his hometown, Toronto.

We spent the weekend in Montreal visiting family, the first time since the pandemic.  Lots of catching up and laughs, good food.
It was a rainy drive both ways.
We take the 401 highway so had a chance to photo the bridge.
The Pickering Pedestrian Bridge, which runs over Highway 401 in Pickering, Ont., is now the official record holder for longest enclosed pedestrian bridge in the world.

Monday raining again, but not complaining. John caught up on his football games. I cleaned the fridge and baked.
I'm not sure where the rest of the week went. We went out to lunch on Wednesday at Burger's Priest for burgers and fries and then made a stop at Homesense on the Queensway. I usually shop downtown and this store was a zoo, which I did not enjoy at all. But I did find some bath sheets for $15 each and another basket, but not big enough for my plant but it found a home.

 John golfed on Thursday and I did a needed vegetable shopping and John picked up a turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.

Our condo recently bought a HD multi sport golf simulator and set it up in its own room downstairs.
John tried it out on Friday and was totally thrilled with it.

Saturday - family dinner

Sunday - family big breakfast and cheeses for dinner.

Monday I cleaned out my fridge which led me to bake because we had old apples and two open containers of cream cheese. Cream cheese apple cake turned out really well and is a keeper. In fact it is already in My Recipe Box!
I did a beef short ribs and lamb kidney stew.

Ham, potato cauliflower Brussels sprouts au gratin - the vegetables needed to be used up.

Wednesday fish chowder, updated recipe link.

Thursday chicken a la orange, haven't had this in ages it is a 1980s family recipe.

Friday steak with baby bok choy, onions, bean sprouts in a honey siracha sauce.

I spent some time updating my recipe box. It has become a mishmash of recipes I have posted and links to other recipes that I made. For example, I had a clam chowder from 2018, a smoky bacon chowder from 2020 and a fish chowder from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute cookbook. In reality I use all three in some form to make a fish chowder so I combined them into one recipe. 
I also started cleaning out paper copies of recipes that we like and posted them in my blog. I even had several copies of the same recipe printed out!
Basically if we find something we really like I will post it and use that one going forward. 
All my recipes are gluten free.

I made several soups. 


We got caught up on our recorded series - Blue Bloods, Dr. Death, Billions, American Rust.
We started watching Squid Game a South Korean survival drama series. We have seen five episodes so far and we will finish it. My biggest problem is the voice over actors are so bad!! But it is definitely binge worthy.

Tuesday at the Movies

Kate 2021 American action thriller - fun, entertaining.

Knock Knock 2015 Eli Roth's intention, he says in the film’s press notes, was to demonstrate how much more quickly we experience everything in the social media age—both the delights and the torments—and how the rules of civilized society no longer seem to apply. This was my kind of horror movie! Fun and cringy. WARNING lots of sex!


Not much reading this week, not sure why as we didn't really go anywhere.

I finished Deadly Revenge, just an okay read.

I couldn't finish The Twenty-seventh City by Franzen.

I started Invisible City by Julia Dahl, not greatly written but I always enjoy a look into a closed religious community like Hassidic Jews.


  1. I spent most of the week getting settled back at home -- finding items in the kitchen that the house-sitter put in new locations, unpacking, and restocking pantry and fridge. Best of all, we got our booster COVID shots. I too didn't read much, but I'm feeling back on track and happy to be home.

  2. Kiefer Sutherland's Bloor St is great. It would make me feel homesick if I was far away from Toronto. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  3. I love Kiefer Sutherland and recently we watched a few movies starring his father Donald. My reading has taken a downward spiral while we visited our son Tristan in Omaha. Too much going on. I did get to watch my first ever episode of the Great British Baking show on the plane coming home!

  4. That pedestrian bridge looks amazing, especially lit up that way with purple lights.

    best… mae at

  5. Glad you got to spend time with family.
    Love the color of the bridge!
    The towel looks so big and absorbent.
    Chicken a la orange sounds so good!

  6. I was impressed by that bridge. It's especially pretty lit up at night.

    I enjoyed Kiefer Sutherland singing about his home town. For some reason, I had NO idea he was originally from Canada, much less Toronto!

    I enjoyed the signage at Coffee and all that Jazz. It reminds me of art deco.

  7. I hope you can share the soups you made.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. My husband is a bridge engineer and has designed many bridges (with a huge team) in the US. I'm sure he will interested in the Pickering Pedestrian Bridge info. Nice that you got to visit your family in Montreal. I love that mellow yellow color of your new towels- so soft looking.

  9. Coffee and jazz go together very well and you've reminded me to clean my fridge too.

  10. The bridge is very impressive.

    One day my partner will mention cooking a certain dish and I will know where to find a tried recipe. I had a fleeting thought that I could cook one of your meals, thankfully only fleeting.

    Apparently Squid Game has gone off like a fire cracker here, with the same opinion about the voiceovers.

  11. Your Monday made me laugh. Same here ;-)
    Oh, and great travel-pics, too.

    Ohhh, and Tuesday!!! YUM!

    Shoot. We have fish-burgers in the freezer, way too many.

    Thursday... can I come visit you?
    Hahaha... Just checked your recipes.
    Did you know the word "broiler" is also used in East Germany and means grilled chicken? LOL, what a bummer. I had no idea back then when a colleague "from over there" suggested we have Broiler.
    What?! "Well, Broiler! It´s always yummy and there is a stand today.", he said.
    With Mozzarella it sounds extra-yummy, reckon I freeze the kale after all! (made a huuuge portion yesterday.

    Blue Bloods - I got all the DVDs to watch in the original.
    Tom Selleck´s voice in German is nice, but, ohhhh, the original, right?

  12. I watched (and loved) Squid Game in the original Korean with English subtitles. Same for Alice in Borderland...original Japanese / English subtitles.

    I haven't read (or TRIED to read lol) 27th City but the new Franzen arrived in my mailbox on Friday and I hope it is GREAT because I don't usually buy books hot off the press like that because of the price of a new book, but I made the exception for Franzen.

    I love a look into a closed religious community so I'd better add Invisible City to my TBR.

    You have a lot of tasty-sounding recipes in your Recipe Box section. FINALLY a fish chowder recipe that actually has some seasonings in it! The clam chowder recipes I've tried haven't had much flavor and I know it's because the recipes I've tried lack seasonings. Yours with garlic and thyme sounds really good.

    That purple bridge is really cool!

    1. Jinjer, I will have to check out Alice!
      Hopefully you will like the latest Franzen, I will wait to hear what you have to say.
      You just reminded me I forgot to add an item to my fish chowder recipe, Old Bay.

  13. I bet you loved visiting with family. That is one of the things I've missed the most during the pandemic.

    Cleaning out the fridge always brings on a bit of baking with me, too. I love the sound of Cream Cheese Apple Cake. And Brussel sprouts...we just put in our garden, and that's one of the things we are trying this fall.

    My dad just gave me my mom's old recipes, and I spent a lot of time going through those, feeling a little nostalgic when seeing favorite recipes in my mom's handwriting.

    I plan to make a soup this week to take with us to Arkansas.

    And I'm sorry to hear about Franzen. I've requested it from the library, but it hasn't arrived yet.

  14. I've always loved Kiefer Sutherland. I especially loved 24. I haven't watched American Rust but I've heard good things about it. I'll have to try it. Your pics are great. Have a great week!

  15. Family time and tending to the business of home make for a great week!

  16. A weekend away sounds so good right now! We are enjoying Squid Games too!


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