Monday, October 4, 2021

Monday Mural

 I'm linking up at Monday Mural 

September 2021 - Toronto ON

Ossington Ave.

Mural Update
It replaces this 2019 piece.


  1. Interesting murals
    Do you know who the three people in the first mural are?
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. The temporary nature of murals is part of their appeal to me. The artists are serious but don't necessarily take themselves over-seriously. Thank you for these beautiful photos that preserve a moment in time.

    best... mae at

  3. I always liked that one of the guy saying Hello. Haven't been down there in ages.

  4. Murals seem to change often in some parts of the world. I like the last one that has disappeared.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.

  5. That's one thing I love about Wichita and the several foundations that sponsor muralists. Their art is protected and the city makes a big deal of sharing them. What happened to the Hello (little boy) would not have happened in Wichita. So sad, even if murals seem to be so temporary most other places. I really like the new mural you shared. It isn't as colorful as the one it replaced, but I feel there's a story behind the new one that was missing before.

    1. I should have mentioned that the Hello mural disappeared because the building was torn down likely for another condo.

  6. I like "Hello" also. Have a good week.


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