Saturday, October 16, 2021


October 2021 - Toronto ON

October 2021 - Queen St. West Toronto

It was Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. We slept in on Saturday and it rained most of the day. By 11 AM I had a cauliflower cream soup on the stove and had roasted off the turkey backs (Long's $2) and had them in a pot to make stock for turkey gravy.

We have always done Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, that way we could all relax on the Monday. I continue to do that for the two of us.
I spent Sunday morning prepping dinner and dessert.


Lots of leftovers so no cooking required. 
It was time to bring in the geraniums and hibiscus from the balcony which meant some repotting and rearranging other plants. I also had to cut my purple coleus because it had bent/gotten too tall.

John has been enjoying the golf simulator and booked a couple of sessions this week. He did a Costco run on Wednesday.
Thursday John golfed and it was a glorious day. I had tickets for Picasso's Blue Period at the AGO and then spent some time wandering.

I had a big detour as I got to Queen St. before the AGO due to track work, what a mess. You have to walk way out of your way to get across the street.

As if the businesses haven't suffered enough with a pandemic.

My tickets at the AGO were for 10:30 but there wasn't the usual line. I had been trying to download my tickets on my way but when I got there they said their system was down. Luckily they were pretty organized and had a list of people who had made bookings and provided paper tickets.

I was rather disappointed in the exhibit. I had read about the paintings from his blue period and there didn't seem to be that many on display. I was looking forward to The Old Guitarist and a self portrait.

I then spent some time wandering in Chinatown and poking in a grocery store.

Running shoes 3 pair for $10!


Also on my list was a new pop up Scottish and Irish Store.

This building had a facelift.

Red hearts are popping up as part of the city's ShowLoveTO campaign. This is the first I've seen.

I also found these art pieces (also part of ShowLoveTO) on the St. Patrick Market deserted building.

I also found a lane for Tuesday's Treasures.

My stash from the Scottish Irish store.

The hibiscus has bloomed since moving it inside.

John had golfed booked for Friday but it was raining so instead we did some chores and settled for a movie afternoon.


I watched Motel Makeover (Netflix) and found it interesting, as they open a motel during the pandemic in 2020 outside Toronto. Here is a link the the June Motel webpage.

I finished watching season four of the Great Canadian Bake Off. As an avid watcher of the British Bake Off and other international baking/cooking shows, I must say that the Canadian BO definitely has the most culturally diverse contestants!

Oh do I miss Dan Levy as a host (season 1) I wonder if it is deliberate but the Canadian hosts are as bad as the British hosts, so annoying!
Season 5 starts next week.

Together we finished The I-Land an American science fiction thriller miniseries.

We watched the first episode of The Lost Symbol an adaptation of Dan Brown's book. Much of the series was filmed in and around Toronto. We quickly spotted Union Station!

We're finished off Nine Perfect Strangers.

Friday was Movie Afternoon since we didn't go out.

First up was the 2000 Panic . It kept our attention as a thriller.

The Flaw an award-winning, well researched and informative documentary examining the root causes of the greatest financial crisis in 2008 the United States has seen since the Great Depression.


Saturday John asked for curry chicken.

Sunday turkey, roast potatoes and carrots, mushy peas and maple Brussels sprouts. Pumpkin cheesecake mousse for dessert.

Monday we love to have turkey, bacon tomato sandwiches for breakfast. Dinner was leftovers.

Tuesday we had more leftover turkey with mashed cauliflower potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday I used the last of the turkey in a diced tomato/chicken stock sauce with celery, peppers, carrots and onions and the leftover mashed.

Thursday done with turkey! Hamburgers.

Friday steak sandwiches with onions,cheese and peppers.


I would definitely try tortillita de Camarones - Spanish shrimp fritters.

CREMA CATALINA - I loved this when we were in Spain!

The book that I mentioned starting last week Invisible City had to be one of the worst books I've read this year. The writing was awful but worse was the main character's ignorance. Didn't both with the ending.

I started The Stranger Inside.


  1. Toronto is looking so fall-like! Bummer on the Picasso exhibit, but it looks like you scored at the Irish/Scottish store. I've written down a few TV shows to add to my list. My reading has been so meh lately, but I have one winner and one fairly enjoyable read this month so far. I need to get those reviews written. :)

  2. Generally speaking Picasso doesn't appeal to me.

  3. I find Picasso a bit of a mixed bag. Cheers

  4. I guess Picasso's blue period reminds me of early impressionists, not like what I'm used to with the later cubism I think of when I think of him. I enjoyed what you shared, so it opened up a bit of an unusual take on him I wasn't originally familiar with. I LOVED that sculpture, though.

    I enjoyed seeing your hibiscus, the other plants in your home, and the wonderful murals you found. Some were quite different. Nice score at the Irish Scottish store, and great recipes. You lead such an overwhelming active life. I'm still doing mostly lockdown since my state is not demanding mask mandates.

  5. I really like the sculpture at the AGO. I had a good look it it yesterday.
    My partner often complains about works on roads etc and I say to him, well it is the sign of a good society that maintains things and if they are not, you will potholes in roads, water pipes breaking, sewerage overflows, more blocked drains. Me pointing this out does no good at all. He still complains, but then he is English.
    There are some good murals, especially the girl riding the tiger.

  6. Love the banner again (of course) - is that person taking a pic, too?
    Come from away, ohhh, yes.
    Our trees are still green!

    Hmmmm. I still have cauliflower in the freezer as I made too much. A soup with that? Interesting idea.

    Awww, happy Thanksgiving! Cute pic.

    Oh, yes. We have such a construction site since... months (!) that makes me do a detour. Yes. Businesses suffer even more from that.

    The Beggarwoman sure... we have them here from the East. They are forced to beg and get collected in the evening and give the money to their "masters" - police does nothing. Men, too, crippled. Well, with the Covid it has ended. Wonder where they all are...

    Hey Noodles sure brightened my mood. And the fruit :-)
    I keep calm.
    And the Jeans-sign!!! LOL. The heart.

    Fun mural. Sesame Street comes too mind (I want to be... under the sea...)

    Cheese & Onion, you are killing me - shops are closed (it´s Sunday) and I think they don´t have it.

    Binge watching Gilmore Girls here.

    Curry Chicken?! YUM. Brussels Sprouts?! Have I mentioned the shops are closed on Sundays?! Hamburgers! Steak... oh, stop it! Tor.... I have to stop reading!

    I could not, but boring/bad books I do.

    Boy, you made me so hungry and all we have is Sauerkraut Ingo made. Yesterday. And for today. I get a tad frustrated ;-)

    1. My goodness, you must be hungry? Shops not open on Sunday, thankfully ours are open.
      Unfortunately we do have a lot of homeless on our streets and Covid made it worse for them as spaces in hostels were reduced.

    2. P.S. yes that person is taking a photo too. Come From Away is a fabulous play about 9/11. When the planes could not land in New York they were diverted to Gander Canada and the play is about the hospitality offered to these passengers in such a small town.

  7. We have watched two seasons of Canadian Bake Off but I don't think we have got the next two seasons yet. Hopefully soon.

    I can't wait to get back to the art gallery!

    1. I mentioned to Deb below that you could probably find them at DailyMotion.

  8. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I like the sound of turkey bacon tomato sandwiches for breakfast the next day! Yum!

    How's the Cadbury Winter Orange??? I love Cadbury, I love chocolate with orange. Now I just have to wait for Amazon to have it in stock so I can order it.

    1. Winter Orange was delicious! Loved it. Will go back and get more. Email me your address and I will get you some!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! It's my husband's favorite holiday because of all of the good food.

    I'm sorry to hear that the exhibit on Picasso's Blue Period was a disappointment. That's too bad.

    I wish we could see the Canadian Bake Off here. I can't even figure out a way to watch the American Bake Off!

    1. I think you can the the Canadian bake off at DailyMotion! I didn't know there was an American version, I will have to find that.
      The Australian version is either on DailyMotion or YouTube.

  10. Hi Jackie,

    Toronto has so much that I missed when I was darting in to do some work I was doing at the time but then dashing off to the next gig so I missed so much of it.

    I loved this tour of color and composition. You captured a wide spectrum of the minestrone of things Toronto has to offer.

    But the greatest image you conjured up for me was the reminder of my first house plant, a purple coleus that I bought and was amazed at how aggressively that thing grew and how marvelous it added color and elegant detail to the room where it lived. I loved that plant!

    Thanks for the virtual trip back to both Toronto and that first apartment room in very early Silicone Valley, Calif.

  11. I love your menu for the week. All of it sounds great but a chicken curry rocks my world.
    Too bad about the Picasso exhibition but cool you could view some of the artwork. One of my favorite & memorable trips was visiting the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I was overwhelmed, got to see The Nightwatch.

    I’ve never seen the Canadian baking show but was fortunate enough to see my only episode of the British Baking show when we flew back from Omaha!

  12. That's funny and neat about the food names, Cabbage Town still amuses me, love that thorny rose mural too.


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