Friday, October 22, 2021

All Dolled Up

 October 2021 - Toronto ON

I viewed All Dolled Up at the Bata Shoe Museum this week. It was enjoyable but very small. I expected more types of dolls to be on display.

Historically accurate reproduction of an English 18th century Queen Anne doll created specifically for the museum by master dollmaker Sonja Krause. The shoes made for this doll were inspired by a pair in the BSM collection.

This suite of striking Barbie® shoes is designed by the wizard of fabulous footwear, Christian Louboutin especially for Barbie® doll! Collection includes nine pairs of shoes featuring Louboutin's signature red soles and each pair comes with a matching miniature shoe bag and box.

The 12-inch tall doll reported for duty on Feb. 9, 1964. Inspired by a wooden sculptor's mannequin, it could bend at every joint. G.I. Joe was muscular, broad shouldered, and sported a scar on his right cheek. The reason? It made him look tougher than Ken.

According to Donald Levine, who is heralded as the father of G.I. Joe, the action figure’s legacy as a tougher, manlier version of Ken, and a better potential partner for Barbie (at least in the eyes of adolescent boys), endure for years after it first hit shelves.

Michael Jordan doll reflecting his time with the Chicago Bulls from 1985-1998, including 14 pairs of miniature Air Jordan sneakers that help connect the collecting of this doll to the collecting of sneakers and sneaker culture in general.

Wheelchair Barbie which debuted in 2019 as part of a line that focused on more diverse and inclusive Barbies.

Shoemaking kit for girls from the 19th century that features all aspects of shoemaking, including wooden shoe forms called lasts, patterns for cutting out uppers and soles and instructions for making footwear in a range of styles and shoe sizes.

Glamazon - the new RuPaul doll!


  1. Small, but impressive. I was surprised by the number of dolls that were included. I had NO idea there were disability dolls. Nicely shown from the earliest to Ru Paul. Thanks for taking us to this museum showing. I enjoyed it a lot and learned a bit, too.

    BTW, Barbie may have made a splash in the 60s, but she is was not well liked by many who thought she presented an unrealistic proportion. That in turn, led to young girls wanting to look like her and were often dieting and becoming anorexic as a result.


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