Sunday, October 31, 2021

Monday Mural

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October 2021 - Toronto ON

Part of ArtWorxTO Hub at Union Station.

On October 27 Mayor John Tory officially launched the ArtworxTO Hub at Union Station, located at 61 Front St. W. Click here to view online. Some of the pieces have been around for a few years.

The Hub’s inaugural exhibition “I am land”, is curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez. “I am land” is a three-part exhibition; the first part is called “I am land that feels”.

I've posted some of these earlier this month.

The City of Toronto has partnered with Union Station to deliver this ArtworxTO hub. “I am land that feels” offers a public space for mourning, where death is tied to systemic violence and issues of injustice. This first part of “I am land” examines how artists document loss. It proposes art-making as a method for working through grief and examines how collective conversations about loss in public space can lead to healing. The exhibition explores grief through myriad themes and forms, from Glenna Cardinal’s and Carolina Caycedo’s mourning of land, to Anique Jordan’s work on Black grief and remembrance, Amber Webb’s memorial to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and a participatory and community-based altar by the Day of the Dead Collective. The exhibition is open to the public and can be viewed in person or online.

Created by the Día de los Muertos Collective, this community-based and participatory ofrenda, or altar, fosters a space for public mourning in the midst of a global pandemic. Bearing witness to all of the injustices that have impacted various communities, this sculpture carves spaces for collective loss and care—where feelings of celebration, grief, anger, and reflection can co-exist in remembrance. Beyond showcasing the tradition and art of the Day of the Dead, this altar weaves together the longstanding celebration hosted by the Día De Los Muertos Collective in Wychwood Barns for over 12 years, gathering community through ritual, performance, music, visual arts, vending, and food. The Día de Los Muertos Collective is a non-profit that coordinates the efforts of communities in T’karonto to create a celebration that honors the dead, delights the living, promotes artistic creation, and fosters community development through tradition. 



  1. tell the story, thanks Jackie for sharing these.

  2. Cool artwork! I love the Day of the Dead skulls.

  3. I've entered your link Jackie, thanks for participating in Monday Murals.
    Great murals, love the Day of the Dead artwork.

  4. Such powerful exhibits.
    The portraits on fabric is a great idea -- very eye-catching, too.

  5. Webb's art is amazing, but those Day of the Dead murals are absolutely outstanding, Jackie.

  6. Remarkable artwork. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Does the PATH system have moving walkways?
    I suppose the bright red tree near the lake is a maple.
    Both books sound interesting. Noted.

    1. No moving sidewalks, Andrew. We did have a moving sidewalk in the Spadina subway but it was too costly to maintain.


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