Saturday, October 16, 2021

Monday Mural

 I'm linking up at Monday Mural

October 2021 - Toronto ON

A new find on Queen St. West - couldn't find an artist name and it seems it was just finished last weekend!!! The only reference I found was on Twitter #QueenWest.

Also found on this outing.
I found lots on this one!

An enormous Monarch Butterfly in flight provides an uplifting interruption of colour amidst a wash of urban grey, radiating love for the lands that sustain butterflies and all life. At the south end of the mural, a boldly stylized Oyamel fir tree bursting with Monarchs roosting in its boughs represents the southern part of the Monarch’s annual Migration between Mexico and Canada. The northern part of their vast migratory route is represented at the corresponding northern end of the mural where local reverence for the Monarch is apparent in a striking portrayal of the Monarch’s favoured Ontario Milkweed.


Butterfly Effect Mural is rendered entirely in aerosol by renowned Mural, Graffiti and Gallery artists Paula Gonzalez-Ossa and Nyle “Miigizi” Johnston. Produced by Bureau Of Power And Light Art Collective (BPL), in partnership with StreetArt Toronto (StART) and Centre For Social Innovation(CSI).


  1. ...Jackie, you found some fabulous ones!

  2. Beautiful murals Jackie. I like the way the artist did the people in movement. The butterfly mural is quite pretty too.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals. I see you managed to link it Jackie.
    Your header photo is lovely.

  3. I was taken by the first mural that stretched all along the building. It appears to have been created to cover over some unwelcome graffiti. The butterfly is simply stunning, too, dear.

  4. I like them both but especially the first one. I wonder who did it?!

  5. Both are beautifully done. The first one is very contemporary in subject matter.


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