Tuesday, September 14, 2021

T for Tuesday

 T Stands For is hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard

September 2021 - Sparta ON

We were in Sparta ON last week and I had to save this for T for Tuesday.

It is at Julia Hansford's studio, click here to visit her delightful art.

Built in 1840, this studio has housed a tinsmith shop, a tailor shop, a butcher shop, with an ice-house added on the back, storage shed, of large antique collection. In more modern history, it has been a bakery, and now an artist studio. 


  1. Wow - that couch and this scene is sooooo fun! Magical and looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. I would love to visit there! Happy T-day! Fun post!

  2. Wow, some studio! I wouldn't want to mow that settee, though. 😉 Happy T Day

  3. What a stunning and lovely setting for tea. I'd love to see this in person, Jackie. It's amazing. Thanks for sharing this studio and Hansford's art with us for T this Tuesday. Loved those cute little kids and family in her prints, too.

  4. So creative! That sofa covered in moss is amazing.
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. That is a creative and adorable front garden. I love the grassy couch. Thanks for sharing Jackie, and hope you had a happy T day!

  6. How wonderful! I'm expecting the Mat Hatter to pop up from nowhere any minute or some other character from Alice in Wonderland.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  7. What a beautiful setting, very cute.

  8. What a lovely tea garden! Perfect for our TSFT day! Hugs!


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