Saturday, September 4, 2021

Fork in the Road

September 2021 - Toronto ON

July 2021 Ontario Place Toronto

Starting September 22, Ontarians will have to prove their vaccination status before entering restaurants, cinemas, concerts, casinos, gyms and other businesses and other spaces public health officials consider high-risk for COVID-19 transmission.

We never did get a cooler weather front that was predicted we went right into another hot and steamy weekend with a good thunderstorm thrown in on Saturday and Sunday for good measure. Our balcony was protected from Saturday's winds but many of the other buildings around us were not. There were lots of missing cushions and plants knocked over.
The famous HUG ME tree on Queen West was also a victim of the storm according to the city incidents report.

My photos 2019.

The resident tree has been a local landmark and smile maker at the corner of Queen and Soho for more than 20 years, painted by Elicser.

After sadly falling over in 2008, the timber was saved by residents before it the City was able to turn it into wood chips, and was later restored back to its proper place, fortified with a new metal plate base to keep it steady and enduring for years to come.

Saturday Sculpture featured the new Price sculpture outside the AGO.
John golfed and I went out early to find the White Squirrel sculpture that we had missed last week. I was preparing Tuesday Treasures for White Squirrel Way that we had seen last week when I realized there was a statue dedicated to the squirrel...

Cannabis shop

Tuesday we stayed in and did some chores, John took a couple of boxes to Value Village (Goodwill).

My plant is growing a mushroom! Googled it, likely from overwatering, which is very unlikely on my part.

NYT crossword stats as at August 31.

John golfed and I stayed home. Got the balcony and plants cleaned up. 

Thursday John golfed at Hidden Lakes and I only went to the $ store, Winners and picked up fruit for breakfast at Longo's.

Friday we headed out at 11 and took the bus to Ossington for a stroll and lunch.

We had a Mexican lunch here with the planes for the air show practicing overhead, they were loud!

John's steak tacos, with double tortillas, and a smart idea - cheese was melted between them to keep them together.

We had asked for jalapeno poppers but they were out, the guacamole was delicious.

My ceviche was delicious.


Wall paper in the bathroom!

We stopped into the Cocktail Emporium to pick up some items for our bar.


I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen cooking up an Indian feast. Onion bahjis, chicken curry and gluten-free no yeast naan. I used my new birthday gift and it was such an improvement on my old hand blender. The recipe had called for a food processor or liquidizer. I started out in the processor but it couldn't do it.

Sunday was BBQ chicken legs, roast potatoes, carrots and mushrooms and tomatoes - a one pan meal.

Monday was also simple, pork chops, mashed potatoes and cabbage.

Tuesday lemon parmesan chorizo Alfredo with gluten free cheese biscuits. I always make too much spaghetti so I decided to try a tip I had read. It stated that a serving should be 2 oz per person, I tried it and we had the perfect amount of pasta.

Wednesday garlic butter shrimp with Caesar salad and rest of cheese biscuits.

Thursday burgers and potato chips.

Friday steak, fried mushrooms.


I read The Best Kind of People which was disturbing. You have the classic "the wife must have known" scenario. But having known someone in much the same circumstance it is possible for a wife not to know. The wives and children become secondary victims as their lives are ruined.

I finished the latest Peter Robinson Not Dark Yet is a follow up to Many Rivers to Cross that featured Zelda. I must admit I found it a little boring, I'm not fond of Zelda, and think it all could have been done in one book. The music references always intrigue me as I google them while I am reading.

I started Last Seen Alive  and so far it's good I eventually abandoned it.


  1. ...FABULOUS collection of images.

  2. Jackie,
    I love how beautiful all your photos come out. I love the colorful chairs at the bus and looks like a great Mexican lunch too.

  3. I always enjoy strolling through your photos. I love small town life, but coming from the San Francisco/Marin County area, big cities are also a part of my soul. Your weekly post is fun to visit. Thank you.

  4. This: "Ontarians will have to prove their vaccination status before entering" -- Oh how I wish that were the case here. Our numbers are going up and up, thanks the nearby university allowing unvaccinated, unmasked students to return to campus.

    We make jalapeno poppers last night on the grill! We're finally getting some cooler days and nights. I love it.

    I have a similar immersion blender, which I bought about 2 years ago. I love it--and in fact used it last night when making a sauce.

    As always, I love your mural and other art shots. And I've added a couple of books to my reading list.

    1. Our universities would only accept fully vaccinated students. Yes, I am enjoying the less humid weather.

  5. I like that cannabis shop. Crosswords! I ahve never done a NYT puzzle but I have several crossword books around the house I pick up now and then.

    Careful with the hand blender! I love mine but have had an incident - sharp. Peter Robinson is or was one of my favorites but I thought the Zelda books were too long, and I agree - one book could have handled it. Haven't read this one yet but if he doesn't get better I may be done with old Alan Banks.

    1. I will be careful, Tina. It may be time for Alan Banks to retire.

    2. I thought the same! It’s been a great series but please let Banks go out gracefully. Don’t want to see him die but Robinson better pick up the pace!

  6. My life is so mundane, I can live vicariously by reading everything you manage to do in a week. Congrats on your NYT score. Your Mexican food has made me quite hungry, too. LOVED the bathroom shot. Great photos all around, dear. Happy Labour Day tomorrow.

  7. I admittedly do not get the excessive amount of cannabis shops.

  8. I saw white squirrels at Trinity Bellwoods Park. The Mexican lunch looks good. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

  9. I won't be surprised if we end up with the same rules here about going out and having to prove that you are vaccinated.

    Your Indian feast sounds delicious! And snap! We had burgers of Thursday night too!

  10. The Mexican lunch looks so delicious!

  11. Sad about the Hug Me tree.

    I had to Google Ceviche. It sounds interesting. While Latin American food is available here, its appeal seems limited which is probably unfortunate.

    The Best Kind of People sounds interesting. I might download it.

  12. It's always a pleasure to stop by and see your colorful photos!

  13. Nice street art. Toronto always seems to have some new painted walls or utility boxes.

    best... mae at

  14. I love your beautiful new header.

    I wish everyone here would check vaccination statuses before allowing people to enter buildings. Or if only the unvaccinated would wear a mask.

    Yum to the steak tacos with double tortillas.

    I'll pass on Best Kind of People. Too scary for me.

  15. I love the name Fork In The Road :) I love the Hug Tree! I love the murals. I think I should visit your city, it looks so interesting with so many interesting things to do and see!

    I hope you have a great week!

  16. I seriously need to visit Toronto someday


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