Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday Mural

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July 2021 - Toronto ON

Newly repainted Queen St. West - not sure who the artist is. It may also be One Day Creates and Watson.

In 2018/2019 it a purple and black abstract painting by onedaycreates and mostlyletters (aka Jesse Watson). The Taco Bell is now an A&W  Wendy's (thank you Elizabeth!).

Prior to 2018 it still had the mural from when it was The Hideout Bar.

In the lane behind it.

September 2021 - Toronto ON
A new mural we found at Little Canada last week, by Philip Cote.
Philip Cote, MFA
Moose Deer Point First Nation
First Nations Affiliation: Shawnee, Lakota, Potawatomi, Ojibway and Algonquin.

Cote is a Sundancer, Pipe Carrier and Sweat Ceremony leader recognized by Elder Vern Harper and Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand. Cote received his Indigenous name Noodjmowin (The Healer) in 1979 from Joe Couture and was made a member of the Falseface Society at the Seneca longhouse in 1992.

A graduate of OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design Masters program in 2015, Cote has been exploring new ways to imbue sculpture and painting through oral traditions of storytelling and with traditional spiritual perspectives. 

This work depicts the thirteen moon calendar.
The Thirteen Moons is a measure of natural time and marks times of Ceremony and harvest.
1 Spirit moon
2 Bear moon
3 Sugar moon
4 Sucker moon
5 Flower moon
6 Strawberry moon
7 Raspberry moon
8 Thimbleberry moon
9 Corn moon
10 Falling Leaves moon
11Freezing moon
12 Little Spirit moon
13 Big Spirit moon
There is also a Petro Form here that represents the Medicine Wheel and connections to the Star Knowledge.


  1. I like the new mural because I can actually read the graffiti. However, I'm confused. The Taco Bell is obvious, but it looks like it turned into a Wendy's rather than A and W. The original one was more delicate I think, but I really like the bold colors of the new one. Not sure I understand the one in the lane, but I can tell it has something to do with music.

  2. sure are finding some wonderful murals.

  3. The first one has had a few reincarnations :) I like the red one.
    The 13 moons one is quite beautiful.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about Jarus being the artist. I'm sure you are correct. I love Cote's work.

  5. I forgot to mention that I took a shot of a mural on that building on Queen St in 2012 and the mural it had then was by UB5000 and had a huge octopus as the main image. Lots of changes there over the years.

  6. It's interesting how the building has two of the same styles of art one after the other. The red on red actually doesn't look bad at all. It's a really nice idea.
    The Moon Calendar is also a great find. :)

    Have a lovely week, Jackie. :)


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