Friday, September 10, 2021

Sculpture Saturday

 Sculpture Saturday

September 2021 - Toronto ON

This appeared outside Union Station this week. I took some photos and then John checked it out on Friday and took more.

Driven by a vision to come together as one people, the Humanity Art Installation is made up of 35 words that reflect what humanity means to Masai Ujiri. Representing peace, togetherness, youth and diversity, the artwork uses light to create a ripple effect with its words, symbolizing the need to spread more humanity. Built in a seamless circle formed under the Humanity symbol, the 8 foot high sculpture is a reminder to the world that we’re still far from the day where everyone is treated equally.

Masai Ujiri’s Humanity Movement was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s fight for equality for all people. Keeping alive his words and actions inspired us to search for and embrace the very things that make us human, and to overcome injustice and hatred. His example was an inspiration then, and continues to be an inspiration especially now. Over one year out from one of the biggest civil rights movements of this generation, the Humanity Art Installation represents hope for the day when we see each other. Really see. The way we did when we first opened our eyes. Nothing in the way. No bias. One people.


This has been moved behind Union Station to Maple Leaf Square.

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