Tuesday, September 21, 2021

T for Tuesday

 T Stands For is hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard

August 2021 - Toronto ON

We recently attended the Andy Warhol exhibit at the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario.

This was the Andy Warhol mug for sale.

Click here for more museum mugs.

Raccoons are the unofficial mascot of Toronto, also "affectionately" known as trash pandas as they will eat anything. When we had a pond we gave up on stocking it with expensive koi fish as the raccoons would fish them out for dinner.

Here's a video of one riding the subway.

This is a new tea shop in the Royal Bank Plaza, not doing much business since the office workers haven't yet returned to work in the Financial District.


  1. What a fun place to visit. I hope the T Kettle is able to stay open. We have had several restaurants and coffee shops close here. The mug is great. Have a nice day.

  2. Wow, what fabulous mugs! Such beautiful designs and I loved seeing the racoon on the subway - how amazing 😀. Wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

  3. I hope the T Kettle can hold out til the workers return. We have raccoons here but don't encourage them. They are fun to watch, though. Happy T Tuesday!

  4. The Warhol mug is awesome and you made me laugh with the name trash pandas. It would be fun to browse the T Kettle shop especially when it's not crowded or busy. Happy T Day

  5. Wow what very fun mugs-I love them Must have been difficult which ones to bring home with you. I have never lived near tea shop-I think those be wonderful to browse in. Happy T wishes Kathy

  6. Both of these mugs are wonderful. I love the Warhol mug and of course, I think the raccoon one is hilarious. Love the raccoon back story that inspired the mug. Let's hope the T Kettle makes it until the office workers return. Thanks for sharing these mugs and the new Tea place with us for T this Tuesday, Jackie. LOVE this!

  7. I love the mugs. They are both a lot of fun. I think the raccoon one is great as we also refer to them as trash pandas. That put a smile on my face Jackie. Hope it was a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  8. The tea shop is so pretty with all those colors lining the wall. Love both of those mugs, especially the Andy Warhol one. Very cool.
    Happy Tea Day,

  9. i love the mugs especially the raccoon one, I’ve never heard them called trash pandas , a great name though. I love all the colours on the shelves of the T Kattle, let’s hope it survives.
    Happy T Day

  10. Great mugs! Wow. I didn't realize there were so many racoons there. They are agressive here so sounds a bit scary to have them riding trains.... Lovely tea store - I would love to visit!!! Happy T-day a bit late.

  11. I think this year there are more raccoons than before and they are huge. Just recently we spotted a big one in our garden, he had really good manners when he grabbed the remaining few bites that the cat had left behind.

  12. Loved the museum mug with sunglasses! I would love to go the the TKettle! Have a great week!

  13. I love the Andy Warhol mug! And the raccoon mugs too. Fortunately we don't have raccoons in the wild in Europe, consequently I have never actually seen one.
    I'd love to visit T.Kettles little shop! I would be in my element.
    I'm sorry to be late again, but as I've mentioned before, we are not home on a Tuesday and I can't get to my computer.
    Happy belated T-Day,


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