Saturday, January 16, 2021


January 2021 - Toronto ON

2019 - Antibes South of France 
New word to me. Poster created using our photo.

Here we go again! A month long emergency stay at home directive beginning Thursday January 14. Considering we've been locked down since end November this is nothing new.

US Canada border remains closed until the end of February.

The days pass. Other than John taking some walks, going to order his wine we didn't really go anywhere. 
The lake isn't frozen, I'm not sure what the swans do if it does freeze. Temperatures have been too warm.

It's been grey like this most of the week.Makes staying home easier.

A dusting of snow that didn't last. I am demanding a proper Canadian snowstorm!!

We planned on going out on Wednesday, just to Longo's, to stock up on some items we can't get elsewhere. But then decided we didn't really need to.

Instead we sat to watch a movie on Wednesday afternoon (gasp) with popcorn and the blinds lowered.
Our new popcorn maker replacing our 15 year old one.

I did some shopping online.

Got some beeswax wrappers to try and some reusable baggies. We used the reusable bags on our Longo order and they worked well.

I wanted the beeswax wraps for the butter, I am so tired of the messy foil it comes in that tears so easily. The wrap works well. We will use it on the cheese as well.

I was searching for suction cups forever, finally bought a package and got this small stained glass that I had bought eons ago in Dingle Ireland.

Rearranged some towels to closet in our bedroom, next to the bathroom, so John doesn't have to shout for a towel when in the shower! So this pulmonia had to move and John suggested using another of the suction cups to hang it in our Mexican themed bedroom.

We got to talking about air fryers (we have a deep fryer) and the fact they don't need much/any oil. Our deeper is bigger than we need, uses a lot of oil and is cumbersome. I looked around and liked the Cuisinart, but then I am a huge Cusinart fan anyway. John checked his credit points and got us one!

How sad we both laughed at this on Facebook on Thursday!

Thursday we drove to Longo's and I picked up some stuff, and realized they have their BOGO (buy one get one free) sale on as I left and picked up the flyer.
So we headed back on Friday to stock up.

On the way to Longo's I got this photo of Loblaw's latest store with the original refurbished sign. I had written about our visit in November.

We normally take the shuttle bus to Longo's or John waits outside in the car while I run in. It dawned on me that they have free underground parking in their building which is shared with an upscale boutique hotel, an office building and a condo.
The elevator to the store is decorated to resemble old-fashioned doors.

We got home and there was a parcel at the loading dock which I picked up along with a freebie!!


2020 - Manulife Centre Bloor St. W Toronto

A great way to start a Saturday morning, John made the perfect omelet, chock full of mushrooms, green peppers, onions and cheese.

Dinner was a mish mash of leftovers with a salad. Fridge is slowly getting cleared out. I made a lime mousse using my lemon mousse recipe.

Sunday started with pumpkin pancakes and sausages.
Dinner was pho Vietnamese noodle soup with shrimp.

Monday homemade pizza, using the boxed mixes I had bought. 

Tuesday hamburger stew to use up some vegetables along with mashed parsnip turnip potatoes.

Wednesday pork belly and more vegetables that needed using, broccolini, bok choy, bean sprouts.

Thursday Asian wraps (copy cat PF Chang's) using ground pork but I made the sauce from the Korean meat ball wraps.

Friday steak sandwiches with mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Trivet is one of my shopping spree items this week as is the lighted bottle at the back.


I'm afraid we abandoned The Flight Attendant mid-flight. I had really enjoyed the book but the series wasn't working for me, too flighty. John hadn't read the book and we finally looked at each other and said nope, not working.

John also bailed on Parasite.

We finished season 8 of Wentworth. 
I finished Ozark!! I started watching Magic City that John had watched last year.

And started watching Jack Taylor series on Netflix. Written by Ken Bruen, an Irish writer and set in Galway. I've read many of the books so am very excited to watch this.

The Guards - Youtube has the entire first episode.

I kind of watched Netflix Best Leftovers Ever series while I was in the kitchen doing other things.

We watched Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling,

I finished Good Faith and it was a very good start to a new year of reading even though the ending was evident. I enjoyed the con game, the history of the the Savings and Loans scandals. Set in the early 80s and mainly revolves around the real estate business and really not much happens, there is regentrification and McMansions. 

I finished Look Homeward, Angel as part of my self-improved intentions but I must say it was painful. I had no patience for the main character, Oliver. I'll just chalk it up to done ✅
As an aside, I chose this book because Wyatt, a character in Ozark, said it was the best American novel. Who says you can't learn something watching Netflix.

Started Rich Radiant Slaughter which is shaping up to be a quick no brainer read but I have now abandoned. I just couldn't get into it.

However, I am happily enthralled with Cruel Acts.

I chose 1984 as my classic of the week. I read this many years ago.


  1. You seem able to go a lot of places. We don't enter any buildings or elevators -- too risky! Canadians are probably behaving more responsibly than their southern neighbors. I don't blame you for closing the border!

    be safe... mae at

    1. There are plenty of rules for entering buildings and elevators. Only allowed 2 people per elevator. In our building the staff are constantly cleaning all surfaces.
      Some office buildings that I would walk through no longer allow any non-employees to enter. All stores (that are considered essential) can only have 25% of their normal occupancy, others must wait in line.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the beeswax wraps. That's brillant. We are in the time of year I like for the butter to stay out. The heat here usually has it to soft.
    I really need to pick up that Jack Taylor series. Why do all my books come i at once at the library?! I need them to stagger as there are so many I want.

    Thanks for the intel on The Flight Attendent. I read the book but didn't kow about the series, not sure how they could do that.

    1. I know some that loved the Flight Attendant, but neither of us liked it.

  3. You are the second person to mention Lupin, I will have to check that out. Your pizza looks so delicious, I haven't made my own pizza in a long time.

  4. Beautiful winter photos! I have a Stir Crazy (it's my second on in 30 years) -- it makes great popcorn (in my opinion). Let me know what you think of your air fryer -- I've starting to feel myself cave. Oh and which crockpot did you get? Ours (about 25 years old) is starting to be a little unreliable. I'm trying hard not to let COVID isolation and politics get to me too much, but there is so much to be worried about or angry about.

  5. This is our second Stir Crazy! Loved our first one. I bought the original Crock Pot Multi Cooker 5 in 1.

  6. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a lovely week ahead. 😊

  7. Loved all your photos! Thanks for sharing. The omelette looks especially inviting! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead💜

  8. Not sure about those lift doors. Yes, our Saturday nights are certainly different to what they once were.

  9. Your food photos look delicious. Thank you for joining #WeekendCoffeeShare. Have a great weekend!

  10. For someone headed to lockdown, you sure get a lot accomplished and go a lot of places. The more I read, the more I wish I had Netflix. You have made me hungry with your food selections.

  11. Now that we joined the pressure cooker revolution last year, I am curious about whether I should jump on board the air fryer bandwago too!

  12. Your pork belly and vegetables looks so delicious! I love the stained glass piece with the cats, that is really cheerful. And it seems no one is getting much snow this year, not much here in Montana, a similar comment from Pennsylvania and now from you...

  13. It looks chilly, even if it isn't your usual quantity of snow!

  14. We stay at home because others here don't. I should put that on a sign out front. No stay-at-home orders here. Sadly.

    It's been cold for us this week. It actually snowed just a bit up the country. Funny that you are itching for a snowstorm.

    I will look for beeswax wraps. I wonder if they are available here. New to me.

    Wow. The omelet. The pizza. Fabulous.

    Hope you enjoy 1984. I intend to read It Can't Happen Here. Because it can. And it did.

    1. I bought my beeswax wraps at Amazon but have seen them locally, except the stores are closed.
      Read Can't Happen ages ago, should add Sinclair Lewis to my classic list to read.

  15. Kept staring at your cooking book with the jewelry front cover, wondering ...till I scrolled down! Love the mood in your snow pics - it's better than rain! Fun you decided on an Asian food week:) You Irish stained glass cats are so prety! I enby you, I can't get into a movie while doing work in the kitchen.I want to enjoy it in an easy chair, the same one I would sit in to read a book:) Thank you for sharing your winter days details with All Seasons.It sounds like you're enjoying yourself with watching movies, reading books, and making dishes. Not bad at all for lockdown time:) Hope you can get out though in summer time! Jesh

  16. I think being in lockdown status is pretty normal for us now too. I am sorry you're having to go in lockdown again. It feels like ours here will never be lifted.

    Your cityscape photos are lovely. And I love your stained glass cats. So cute.

    I watched Lupin recently too and really enjoyed it. I am trying to talk my husband into watching it now.

    I hope you enjoy your week and reading! Have a great one, Jackie!

  17. Thanks for the photos, I feel like I'm having a walk while I remain stuck in front of my computer :) I started watching Lupin too and it was a good surprise : I thought it would be a modern retelling of the books I read as a child but it was very cleverly done. I'll be watching Jack Taylor soon, I have the Ken Bruen books (which I haven't read yet...). Have a good week !


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