Monday, January 18, 2021

Monday Mural

October 2019 - Toronto ON

I was looking for something and came across these murals that didn't have any labels/tags. So I went through my posts for Monday Mural and didn't find them anywhere. Did I forget to post them? Looks like it.

These are part of the Dundas West Open Air Museum.

Violeta's Garden

Paula Tikay (@paulatikay) and Aner (@aner.84) are Chilean mural artists based in Mapuche territory, near the township of Licán Ray. They have travelled the world depicting indigenous peoples and cultures on their large-scale murals.

This mural was painted to commemorate what would have been the 100th birthday of Violeta Parra- a Chilean composer, singer-songwriter, ethnomusicologist, and visual artist.

The mural depicts Violeta playing the guitar. Beside her there is a large hawk surrounded by flowers. The work features vibrant tones or green and blue.

Parra was a vocal advocate for indigenous peoples in Chile and was the first Latin American visual artist to have a solo exhibition at the Louvre in 1964. She passed away in 1967.

City of Music

Jieun June Kim with Pablo West & Giovanni Zamora
Born in Seoul, Korea, Jieun June Kim is a painter and muralist who lives and works in Toronto. Her work spans both traditional and digital painting and incorporates architectural motifs reflecting the cityscape. Kim has exhibited her work at numerous art galleries in North America and South Korea. Since moving to Canada in 2016, her works has been shown at multiple art galleries in Toronto.

Created as part of a cultural exchange celebrates the relationship between Canada and Chile and in particular the cities of Toronto and Valparaiso during 2018.

Violeta's Guardian by Bruno Smoky and founding member of Clandestinos crew.


  1. Quite a good incidental photo of you and I really like the (owl?) bird of prey mural.

  2. Nice photography of the murals. The colours are fantastic.

  3. I loved these beautiful murals with South American themes! The artist(s) of that last one you showed had to work around a lot of architectural interruptions for that beautiful mural.

  4. Fantastic colourful murals Jackie. Love all 3 murals!
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  5. ...beautiful! It reminds me of Betsy Casañas' mural in Bufflo.

  6. Beautiful murals! Thanks for brightening my morning. :)

  7. Oh these murals are gorgeous Jackie. Thanks for the intro to these amazing artists.

  8. an amazing and spectacular Mural !!!

  9. These are really beautiful, Jackie. What wonderful finds.

  10. These are truly lovely and colorful, Jackie. I like how you showed the murals together, since they seem to have a similar theme.


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