Friday, January 8, 2021

Weekend Reflections

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January 2021 - Toronto ON

You are going to have to check Tuesday Treasures to see what the heck is being reflected in this car window.

Just in case you miss it, I will include a link next week, it is beyond description.


  1. I can smell the ocean, nearly!!! Oh, I miss it.

  2. Nice Reflection, Jackie. Yes, I will check later in the week. Thank you fore the puzzle, it seems to me to be some window art.

  3. Beautiful decorated car and a mirror like reflection. What do you want more.

  4. Wow, someone sure worked hard with seashells and a glue gun. Looks amazing.

  5. Looks like Albino Carreira's house reflected in his mini-van. :-) He seems like a nice man and very dedicated to his art (for over 26 years).


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