Saturday, November 21, 2020

Loafing Around

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Toronto and Peel Region are moving into "lockdown" effective midnight Monday as Ontario tries to curb a steep rise in COVID-19 cases, Premier Doug Ford announced Friday.

The shutdown will last a minimum of 28 days, equal to two incubation periods for the coronavirus, and the province says it will fine people $750 for violating public-health rules.

It will be interesting to see how the US numbers play out as they head into Thanksgiving next week.

Late last week, the City of Toronto launched a cheeky, city-wide ad campaign called Practice Safe 6ix, which aims to remind residents to continue to be vigilant in their efforts to employ health measures that help stop the spread of COVID-19.

FYI - Toronto is called the 6 thanks to rapper Drake, who refers to his hometown as the 6 when he named his album, Views from the 6.
As for the meaning of The 6, that is still up for debate. Early speculation pointed to the city's area codes – 416 and 647. The other theory gaining credibility involves the 1998 amalgamation of Toronto, when the six different boroughs – Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, East York and Toronto – became one city.

Canada-US border will now remain closed until December 21.


Or around the house, as we are limiting our outings. 
We stayed in all weekend. Monday John had an appointment downtown.
Tuesday we did a quick outing to Winners. I wanted a couple of mini muffin tins and John picked up another toque, Kenneth Cole lined. 

We also grabbed a couple of British bags of chips, these are upscale Walkers!

We also picked up some chicken legs ($1.99 a pound) and a few other things in Longos.

Wednesday John had golf booked but it was -5C (23F) he gave it a pass.
Submitted 2021 shuttle bus pass request to the office. In the past they just produced passes for every unit.
The condo maintenance team used to change the air filters in every unit/every quarter. But since the pandemic we have to pick them up ourselves and install them. Ours was filthy! from the floor replacements, kitchen cabinet install and the blinds.

We took the plants inside as it is getting cool. Here is the new bedroom floor.

Crazy weather - snow showers the other day and today it is going to 12C (54F). 
I took the 9AM to College Park and the Bulk Barn. Was so annoyed Metro didn't have any decent fish/meat, but I got a roast pork that I cut in half to freeze.

So I went to Longos and got tuna for dinner along with a roast beef on special and salmon.

Homeless poetry.

College and Yonge

Mask vending machine in Union Station.

Made me laugh, social distancing outside a bank branch.

Hibiscus is blooming madly at the moment, by January it is likely to be a spindly shadow of itself.

Friday, gorgeous out, went to 17C. This is outside the aquarium.
We had taken the shuttle downtown and decided to walk along Bremner to Bathurst.

Our destination - the new Loblaws.
In 1928 Loblaws Groceterias Warehouse was unveiled in Toronto at Fleet and Bathurst Streets, along today’s Lake Shore Boulevard West. It was one of the first projects constructed on the city’s new reclaimed land. Hailed as a model of efficiency, the Loblaw Warehouse included its own electric tram railway, giant ovens for baking a ton of cakes and cookies each day, huge drums for blending tea, and 22 thousand feet of refrigeration piping. Warehouse employees even had their own bowling alley and an auditorium for performing shows and plays. This state of the art warehouse was a place that brought people together from far and wide.

Developers dismantled the historic brick building, which is protected under the Ontario Heritage Act and listed on the City of Toronto's inventory of heritage properties, clean and reassemble it, brick-by-brick. A new structure will be added to the roof and some of the property developed for residential use.

Inside it is just a ordinary large grocery store, typically Loblaw's, of which I am not a fan.

This was very cool, they created a liquor store which you'll find directly under the Gardiner Expressway. No, not "near" or "next to" the busy thoroughfare — squarely beneath it, at 95 Housey St.

Police horses out for their daily exercise.

We grabbed the streetcar at Spadina without looking  at its destination so ended up transferring at Queen's Quay, well worth it for this shot.


I had made my first ganache last week and it was perfect. So on Saturday I decided to make another, this time adding some orange juice and Triple Sec. Not sure what happened but it separated. I found an excellent article explaining why it separates and how you can save it. I also looked up whether you can add liquid to a ganache.

Saturday we had cheeses and pate.

Sunday turkey breast, roast potatoes, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts

Monday chili and garlic bread

Tuesday corned beef, potatoes and cabbage

OMG these were delicious. I made half a recipe to determine if we would like them. 

They almost taste like a profiterole!! I barely had them dipped and was coming up with other ideas for them.
Add cocoa to minture with chocolate chips 
Dip them in a cream cheese glaze or melted chocolate and.or coconut
Pumpkin spice 
Insert them with jam or lemon curd or flavoured whipping cream
Powdered sugar 
How about the newest curd (to me courtesy of GBBO) RASPBERRY LIME CURD

They were finished before we went to bed.

Wednesday - a good thing I had decent baking yesterday because I decided to make soda bread to use up an old apple (yes, I googled and saw that people did put apple in soda bread) but it just made a soggy mess.
We had the leftover corned beef with potatoes and broccoli for dinner.

Thursday I tried a new recipe fried tuna sticks with wasabi-mayo sauce and fries. 
I didn't buy a tempura mix (seriously??) but made my own with rice flour. Surprisingly, John loved these. The wasabi-mayo sauce was great but I would half the recipe for us.

Friday means steak and sauteed garlic, broccolini, bok choy, bean sprouts with soy sauce.


I browsed through this book and got a couple of gift ideas.

Butter to go with a savoury home baked loaf.

The Swap is mindless trash. The Arrangement was a better book. It didn't help that The Swap had grammatical errors (grounds for me to give it a 0 rating) or worse I felt there were errors in the plotline (unforgivable). 

I am loving Recipe for a Perfect Wife although I prefer the 1950s Nellie character more than the 2018 Alice, she needs some gumption!
The men are just scumbags.

I finished Scandal!!! We're in season 7 of Suits.


  1. I have Recipe for a Perfect Wife on my list ... maybe next month. Good for Toronto for recognizing the need to lock down. I just hope we make it to Jan. 20 ... Stress levels are rising! Lots of good eating at your place. Love the floors. And love, love, love that tall ship photo. Nice. We're starting to have shortages again and the cases are still on the upswing in our area -- staying home as much as possible.

  2. Love the border separation pic, priceless.

  3. I love the hipster Santa cookies, and those muffin tins. I have been meaning to bake blueberry muffins for ages. Maybe after our Thanksgiving trip next week. We have a camper so, no hotels for us!

  4. Love the way your government keeps you safe. I'm watching the news to see when the vaccine becomes widely available. I'm so glad the vaccine looks like it will be very effective against covid.

    A mask dispensing machine? That would be useful here.

    We've gotten our first zucchini this week. I hope to try some zucchini-pecan bread later today.

    In Good Taste sounds like it was useful. I need to start thinking about Christmas.

    I hope you have a good week. Thank you for sharing the best of what's around you. Stay safe.

  5. Jackie - your (kind of) post is back!! Can you see me cheering? You haven't said anything, but I wanted to give you privacy instead of questions. The only thing I wondered about if I had said anything that had ticked you off. I guess not (relief). Wow, still plenty of activity you have in Toronto - so sorry you guys have to go into lockdown again. Thank you for your thumbnail. Those are beautiful city buildings - love the design and color! Many thanks for sharing them with All Seasons.
    Don't know if you read about my move to Texas one of these last months. It's a different life here. More relaxed with rules.But on the other side, not many who rebel against them (as they definitely do more in California). Love your new floor, and what I see from your plants, they look lovely. In California the yellow Hibiscus blooms till end of September. Here in Texas I haven't seen them.

  6. I have a big mini muffin pan so I think those G/F donut-muffins are in our future (at least, as soon as I send my husband the think to the recipe! Too bad about the apple soda bread; G/F baking has its ups and downs! We're keeping our Thanksgiving celebrations small and highly modified this year; neither of the out-of-state kids will be coming home for the holiday. I'm holding out hope for at least immediate family at Christmas! All our kids are being cautious, and Christmas isn't that far off!

  7. North Idaho, where I live is having a 90 day mask manadate. Hubby and I are staying put for Thanksgiving. I still shake my head on how many people don't take this covid seriously.
    Stay Safe and Coffee is on

  8. Good luck with lockdown! We’re not locked down, but we’ve been moved to tighter restrictions. A lot of stores are closed, but the churches were all packed when I walked the dog this morning. People around here don’t take COVID seriously. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. All places of worship are limited to a 10 person capacity here!

  9. The Japanese lady reading is clever and I very much like the train and ship on Loblaws.

  10. Toronto looks to be having a very warm fall! What does the lockdown entail? Can you go out at all? I'm here in Alberta ... and might be following suit soon. take care.

  11. I so enjoyed reading this post! I was born not far from Toronto, and although I have lived in England for over 30 years, I visit Toronto often with my family. I recognised so many of the places in your photographs! I had not heard about the Loblaws building though, that's fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link party Community. Take care.


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