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January 2021 - Toronto ON

I am diverting from my lane posts, but will get back to them.
Last week, we took a little driving tour downtown, bearing in mind we are in a lockdown. Nothing is open, but we can still find things to visit outdoors.

This is one of Toronto's odd/weird houses.

That's me standing there. In case you are wondering it was out first day of sunshine in about a week, temperature was 1 C feeling like -1 C. 

The Wood Cake House

This Annex house’s elaborate decoration began as a side project for homeowner Albino Carreira after a spinal injury. What innocently began as decorating the mailbox soon took over the entire house. He used rejects from a pool cue factory – which he calls wood cakes.

In addition to the use of “wood cake,” Carriera also uses coins, corks and any number of oddities. 

Oh, look, a matching car!
His eclectic taste has even moved on to the decoration of his car which, is covered in little plastic toy bugs.

The same day that we saw this house, Weird Toronto published the back of the house on Facebook. Not sure if the link will work.


The Wood Cake House


  1. Oh my goodness! That sure is more than just overload!!! Sadly, no, the FB-link doesn´t work. But actually, boy, my eyes can but blink anyways, LOL!

  2. Trying to be nice, thanks so much for showing us. However it is hideous and reminds me of our now gone shell house, a house with embedded sea shells on every external wall, the fence, the faux well and more.
    And people say I have too much time on my hands.

  3. This is something I would expect to see in Ripley's Believe It or Not.

  4. And that is why there are home owners associations. Neat to see though.

  5. I love the many shells in his decorations...which must have come from a ways away.

  6. ...I love it and have found some similar places, but this one "takes the cake!" I wonder what the neighbor think. I'd LOVE to see this if Canada ever lets me back in!!!

  7. I believe it's near Kensington Market.
    Never seen it. Can't say I like it.
    : )

  8. Amazing, but this fellow needs to get a new hobby. Not sure I would want to be his neighbor.

  9. wow, that man has patience and mission.

  10. Whoaw! Shells all around and over. I can probably spend a few hours getting fascinated and all that but afterwards, I'm out :)

  11. This is pretty wild -- I'd love to see it. What I really think is fun is the car with the bugs! I have bugs all over my car but they were formerly alive, till they flew into the car! Loved the bike, too. He is a bit obsessed.

  12. That is totally amazing to see, thanks for sharing.

  13. The garage is interesting too but a little more tasteful.

  14. Well, he certainly didn't slow down! What fascinating decorations! I once saw a car covered in sea shells here. I'll have to find the photo.

    A lovely addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking!


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