Tuesday, January 5, 2021


  Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

November 2020 - Toronto ON

What to go with????

The bridge connecting the Eaton Centre and The Bay over Queen St. West.

The Puente de Luz (Bridge of Light) spanning 125 metres over the rail corridor to the west of Union Station, the north end of the bridge terminates at the foot of Portland Street, just a short walk King West. 

A bridge over at the Toronto islands

Pedestrian bridge over the Gardiner Expressway.

Abandoned railway bridge over DVP.


  1. Such a variety of bridges. The first one is just beautiful - what a lovely design.

  2. Love especially the first one - from here. Being afraid of heights.... huhhhh

  3. Love these, remember them all. I also remember one over Mount Pleasant Avenue with iron horses. I'm sure you must have it in your files.


  4. Yes I do have the one with horses, considered including here.

  5. Oh Jackie, what fabulous bridges you have for us this week. :D :D

  6. Next time I am in Toronto I obviously need to pay more attention to the bridges!

  7. Lovely selection of photos :) I would love to see them

  8. Impressive bridges you have over there! Stay home & well.

  9. Those bridges are beautiful, nice captures.

  10. It is hard to pick a favorite among these. I think I like the pedestrian bridge best.

  11. I like your bridges! I've been on the Eaton Center and Bridge of Light. Oh, I really need to get out of the US and back to civilized Canada. I can only hope next year is better. I think the healing -- if it can be healed -- will take a long while.

    Thanks for popping over to my book post! Lots of good ones on this list -- I hope you find some you enjoy!


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