Saturday, January 23, 2021

Cabin Fever

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January 2021 - Toronto ON

2017 - Vancouver BC

This week's word - it’s huffle-buff time (huffle-buffs: old Scottish dialect for the scruffy/old/supremely comfy clothes that you lounge about in and never want to change out of).

Lockdown continues....

We stayed in on the weekend, as per usual. I rearranged bedroom plants to incorporate my new freebie and my reading nook and hung the macrame plant hanger I bought. Also received my footstool/pouf from Simon's.

Bought these lanterns from Simon's. Then went on to Amazon and got 10 sets of the lights with batteries for $20, it's not like there is a shortage of fancy wine bottles around here to use!

These are the other two trivets I bought from Simon's on sale.

John took a walk and captured some local water creatures. Hasn't been cold enough for anything to freeze.

Monday John had an appointment downtown and we decided to take the car and take advantage of Longo's free 2 hour parking with a $20 purchase. He was able to walk to his appointment and I went to the $ store and Longo's, nothing else is open.  The $ store is all decked out for Valentine's, St. Patrick's and Easter!!!

At Longo's I picked up more Buy One Get One free steaks for an older friend in the building and ourselves along with some chicken legs ($1.99 a pound) and a jar of gluten free no sugar BBQ sauce. Normally I'd make my own but this looked like a good (not cheap) choice to have on hand. 

Home and John cut the steak into 5 oz portions for our friend and I brought it down to her (safely social distanced and masked, of course). 

By then we were hungry but it was too late for lunch so we made popcorn and watched a movie.

Tuesday we stayed home to reduce our contact. I fertilized and cleaned up the house plants and cleaned out the vegetable bins in the fridge.

Wednesday we made plans to do a day trip but the weather kept changing and around 9:30 we decided we'd rather stay home and watch the American Inauguration and what a show that was!! 

I spent the next morning researching all the Biden and Harris family members that were in attendance!

Bernie Sanders went viral as he attended the ceremonies. Even Toronto Mayor John Tory tweeted "don't take it from me, take it from Bernie, wear a mask!"

I placed him outside our building.

We received an unexpected gift from our financial advisor, all Canadian products.

I started using my gifted sketching book with my new coloured pencils.

Not Uber Eats Toronto launched this month.


2014 Myrtle Beach SC

I decided we need a spreadsheet to track the freezer contents as they are full and things make their way to the bottom to be forgotten.

No baking, still too much in freezer to be used. I did get a present of Portuguese custard tarts, Pastéis de Nata, that I have been enjoying with my afternoon tea.

Thank goodness, all the Christmas chocolate is finished.

Blueberry (part of BOGO) pancakes and sausages for breakfast.

We switched around our weekend dinners and had our roast on Saturday, we had the other half of New Year's prime rib with roast potatoes and mashed carrots and parsnips.

Sunday we had fresh tuna sticks with wasabi sauce and sauteed broccolini, mushrooms and bok choy. I made my own tempura mix using gluten free all purpose flour, a mistake. I should have stuck with the rice flour mix.

Monday we had BBQ chicken legs and salad.

Tuesday I used the rest of the prime rib and gravy with noodles, mushrooms, peppers and onions.

Wednesday I decided to try Jamie's haddock and shrimp chowder (in my 30 Minute cookbook) and John loved it. The only suggestion was it could have been thicker, this could have been achieved with another potato and mash it before serving. Or corn starch... I added some celery and used regular haddock, not smoked as he did.

Thursday liver, mashed potatoes, cabbage and gravy.

Friday we could have gone out for vegetables but decided to use up the vegetables we still have. I made a rainbow coleslaw of cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumber, radishes and red onions with a creamy dressing. I LOVE my food processor.

We had the coleslaw along with steak and I made gluten free flatbreads that were actually good. Definite keeper. They can also be used as pitas or pizza crusts. I had to make some adjustments, I substituted potato starch for the potato flakes and sour cream for the yogurt. I used the rolling pin but next time I would probably just shape with my hands, She suggested either method. I also didn't read forgot to flip them.


One Night in Miami a provocative watch on MLK Day.

Later that night we watched the forgettable Ten Minutes Gone, Bruce Willis must be desperate. 
Followed by a better movie The Outsider.

We finished the 1 season of Collison, very interesting. I wish they had done more seasons.  It tells the story of a group of strangers whose lives intertwine following a devastating car crash. The crash opens a number of startling revelations as stories of everything from government cover-ups and smuggling, to embezzlement and murder start to unravel.

Momentum  was an interesting movie, until its very disappointing ending.

John finished Warrior series.

We also watched a series on the Night Stalker, fun seeing the mid 80s styles.

I continued with Magic City.

I finished Cruel Arts and am still working on 1984 (read years ago).
I started Mum & Dad, a Trollope novel, recommended by a blogger this week.
I think I'll go with The Scarlet Letter as my classic. I can't remember if I ever read it but we all know the premise.


  1. I love reading about your life Jackie. Even at home it is jam-packed. I love your recipes. The reading nook is so inviting.


  2. ...I don't have cabin fever yet. I went outside this morning, that didn't last long though, it's bitter!

  3. You appear to be finding quite a lot to do during lockdown. It's kind of you to help a neighbor with shopping.

    be safe... mae at

    1. Thanks, Mae. Yes, I can always find lots to keep me entertained!!

  4. You always have so many interesting photos, lots to do, even during "lockdown"!

  5. Your plants are lovely! I am trying to keep a peace lily alive. Love the Bernie meme. I have seen him on the Starship Enterprise, Guadians of the Galaxy and more. We are breathing a sigh of relief now that the election is over. What a fiasco these past 4 years have been.

  6. The birds are a welcome sight.

    I've liked Dave Granlund's work for years.

  7. You have a mini jungle inside.
    I kept wondering about the significance of the old bloke in a mask sitting around on his own. Now I know.

  8. You have the most beautiful view from your home high above. It is amazing.

    LOVE the image of Amanda Gorman and our new president and vice-president. Life is finally looking up in the states for the first time in four years. Bernie is a hoot and a good sport with those cute mittens.

    I can't believe the stores already have Easter products on sale. Talk about jumping the gun.

  9. I remember how we made these macrame things at school and my Mum hated them but hang them up anyways.
    She thought I have no clue. I had.
    Love the laterns, got a cool one, too, amazon, that helper these days.
    Nice of you to take care of your neighbor. Seems to get a rare thing to do (here).
    Amanda sure was a hit! And to art. I´d sure like to check out Chuck´s!
    Loads of yum (liver I´ll never try, though, baaaad memories).
    Our food processor died. Silently. Wanted to use it today (no kidding). Broken. Where get one now but amazon. What to do with all the carrots...

  10. Hi Jackie. I don't think we've met but I'm an old timer with the coffee share. I did a lot of my blogger-growing-up with this weekend tradition and wanted to welcome you to our get together. Many years ago, in the late 1980s, I had a contract that put me in Toronto, North York actually 1-2 times a month to teach a week long class I'd developed for IBM. I did some driving around and noticed all the tall residential towers all over the place. In California, we don't have such things as our ground is too unstable, so even if we built them, no one would want to live there for fear of riding it down when the next big earthquake struck. I always wondered about the ones I saw in your neighborhood and am now pleased to know someone who lives in one. You get to enjoy the great view that we can't produce her. We have great views, but mostly get to enjoy them only from the ground. I applaud that you are a reader as are we both readers and getting more into writing. I have two collections that I write to; 1) my DOT (Dime of Time) stories which are short (2K words or less) for a 10 minute read which all meet a certain model I've developed and 2) my newer collection of simple fiction stories of various lengths. Since you are a reader and can't travel (like the rest of us) I invite you to stop by my story blog and enjoy some short fun reads which for you would also be short visits to a small town about an hour north of San Francisco where I grew up. They are designed to be a tad rowdy and funny but clean entertainment with no dark stuff in the mix. If interested, here's a link to the first in my DOT collection that everyone seems to enjoy. I hope you'll give it a test read, laugh, share and let me know what you think. I love sharing my work and hearing back from my readers.
    Regardless, welcome to our weekend event. I hope you'll come back for future sharing.

  11. Oh, and if John is also a reader, a better guy story is this one, which you can tell him, yes, it really happened and we all lived through it. The hill in question was a huge source of adventures until the property owner developed it into a dense neighborhood. So sad, but this memory remains well read.

  12. Cabin Fever would be a good title for a photo of me right now. I am imagining that it will be months and months before we are able to get a vaccine. The weather has been gray, and my husband hurt his back and doesn't want to walk until he feels a little better. Sigh.

    The inauguration! Amanda Gorman!

    Love your photos "with" Bernie.

    I'm glad you have had a go with the sketching book.

    One of these days I will get a food processor. It looks useful.

    I don't have good memories of Scarlet Letter. I remember thinking it's an accurate portrayal of the American approach to morality, sadly.

  13. I really like your plants. I am a big fan of huge, green plants. They truly make a house a home. Thank you for sharing these photos from your home and thoughts to go with them. Have a great new week!

  14. I'm not sure why or how it start, but I have enjoyed watching Bernie pop up everywhere with his mask and mittens.

  15. Looks like you made the most of the lockdown. Great meals from your BOGO finds. Thanks for sharing your post with #weekendcoffeeshare

  16. There are always so many interesting things to respond to in your posts! Vermonters like Bernie know that mittens are warmer than gloves when you're sitting outside for a long time. I think chickpea flour might work for tempura! I enjoyed your pandemic journal, as always. BTW, I tried to fix the commenting problem on my blog that you mentioned a few weeks ago, so thank you for telling me about it!

  17. I just got quite a bit from Amazon and told my self no more, until end of March.
    The food looks so yummy.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  18. I like all your plants! I try to have plants, but I end up killing them. I love the Bernie memes. My Twitter feed is full of them. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  19. Love your plant corner, and the lights are so romantic! The idea of the huffle buffes is right now very attractive to me, because I am still adjusting to the central heat (am cold all the time, because I got addicted to the wood stove heat which is much more of an intense heat. Have been looking for a good processor ... what brand is your food processor? The veggies look very good in there How nice you are to your older neighbor, including buying steaks! Seeing all this good food makes me hungry:) Thank you Jackie for a pleasant wintery post for All Seasons! Jesh


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