Friday, July 24, 2020

Weekend Roundup

Welcome to The Weekend Roundup...hosted by Tom The Back Roads Traveler

My last rounds were coffee and beer. So it's time for some food and sleep!

1. Starts with "D"
2. A Favorite
3. DARK chosen by Tom

Starts with "D"
DESERT Inn Barstow CA


Toronto ON

Déjà Brew
A catchall for leftover beer, coffee and whatever catches my fancy!

Myrtle Beach SC


  1. Hi Jackie ~~ I like the dirty dog better than the dead dog. I know you will do well with your new theme. Themes for doing alphabetic posts is hard, at least my vegetable and fruit was. Best wishes for it, your extensive travels will do you good.
    BTW, Mrs. Jim's sister died with COVID-19 this morning.

    1. Jim, I am so sorry to hear about Mrs, Jim's sister. My condolences to all your family.
      Please stay safe.

  2. ...DANG, you sure came up with some DANDY signs. The DESERT Inn may be renovated, but the sign has a nice vintage look. Two great DOGS and can you get a tall DARK and handsome? Thank Jackie for playing along this week, take care!

  3. JAckie a wonderful collection of things for the letter "D" today. Stay safe and have a lovely week ahead.

  4. Thanks for the chuckle. Love those bar signs. I need to start paying more attention to signage when we travel. I'm going to look up the Dirty Dog Bar next time I'm in Austin. :)

  5. I just love the 1950-60s sign at the Desert Inn in the mojave - reminds me of the old motels of my youth! The Dirty Dog is a fetching sort of bar...I like a good stout, and a pint of Dark and Handsome should be a treat!


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