Saturday, July 25, 2020

Self Isolation Week 20

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July 2020 - Toronto ON


Trevor Noah also covered this story!
American tourist boat Maid Of The Mist, limited to 50 per cent occupancy under New York state's rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic, glides past a Canadian vessel limited under Ontario's rules to just six passengers, in Niagara Falls, Ont., on Tuesday. (Carlos Osorio/Reuters)

I came across this story from 1956, we hadn't even come to Canada at that time!
No Sunday Window Shopping!

Most of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) will be allowed to move forward to Stage 3 of the province’s reopening plan at the end of this week but Toronto and Peel Region will stay in Stage 2 for at least another week.

In the news this week.


2020 - Bloor St. West

My motto these days is to shop local and support our businesses.

In preparation for getting the floors done, we started to declutter/rearrange stuff so that there will be less to move. Bookcases and cabinets will have to be emptied anyway.
We had Home Depot (American corp) in for an estimate that gave us sticker shock!! We will be going local with a small company.
We already have one from our regular contractor and will get a couple more.

So I reorganized the linen closet to become more multi-functional and cleared a shelf for stationery and another for sewing/crafts.
A quilt made it into the charity pile which will be disposed of on Monday. UPDATE quilt came back out as it can be used as a blackout curtain while the shutters are removed in our bedroom until the blinds are installed.
John's golf balls went into the hall closet.
Shredded two bags of papers.
Our suitcases went down to the locker, not needed in the foreseeable future...
John got his old clubs together to sell.
I am putting the old bread maker, blender/processor and marble rolling pin on a local buy and sell site.
Tidied out the kitchen island (soon to be replaced) and got rid of a couple of containers.

I didn't go out  Monday or Tuesday and thought I would go through a couple of photo boxes. Remember that years back I had scanned all our vacation photos and gotten rid of them. These were house/craft/garden photos from our old house (we moved in 2012). There were also family photos and various others. I sorted them for some family members, I threw out many, for various reasons. One thing led to another and I went through my mother's box of old photos. If I didn't know who the people were or it was a bad photo out it went.

Most of these photos were in a truck that I have moved around since around 1974, bought from an old lady in Montreal, I've no idea how old it is.
Also discovered that my cleaning lady doesn't bother moving and dusting the top!

Wednesday I went out and ended up getting caught not once but twice in a torrential downpour!!!

I wouldn't have been caught if I hadn't decided to take a stroll down some neighbourhood streets.
The sign says:
Thomas Canning artist I'm always dreaming of the stars. So I use the stars in my artwork I create what I like to call Start Being with these star being pictures.
I make buggies and I use my buggy as gift. And when it gets dark I like to leave my Christmas lights on to show my Thanks to the workers out there.
Thank you all.

My first doorway as I escaped the rain.

I'd say this place is going to have a hard time reopening with this name, or it might help.
The rain let up while I was on the streetcar but came down as soon as I stepped off the streetcar.

Thursday was spent at home baking and chores. John did a Costco run so that takes time to divide the meat into serving portions.

Friday I went out at 9 and took our shuttle downtown, my FIRST since mid March when our last outing was a sushi class!!! It is so interesting going back and reading that post, where I said I would rather be housebound in March than in the summer... We;re not housebound as such, but there are still many things not opened, we wear masks everywhere and still do not mix with people.
To use our shuttle, you had to complete a COVID 19 waiver and have your bus pass altered to show you had. When you board you must show your approved pass and the driver takes note of your unit number. The driver is enclosed in plexiglass and there is hand sanitizer. Every other seat is cordoned off.

I was sooooo happy to be back on my old stomping ground!!! Although the streets were Sunday morning quiet. None of the office towers in the financial district have opened.

Toronto is one of two "hub cities" which will see 24 NHL teams gather in predetermined bubbles to resume their 2019-2020 hockey season after a 142-day-long, pandemic-mandated break.
Hockey players are currently preparing to descend upon the City of Toronto, where they will live, work, eat, play and presumably fight a little bit inside their own weird "NHL bubble" for at least two months straight.

Branded barriers surround the Royal York, one of the two hotels being use.
A fencing system will reportedly "run through and enclose the entirety of the bubble" to keep everyone inside and nobody unauthorized from getting in.

So liberating to be here! The barriers outside Union Station have been art endowed.

Friday morning at 9:30 and the streets should be packed with people rushing here and there and global tourists gawking.

And the Brain project is back. I've followed this the last few years.
Click here for 2019 and links to previous years.

These were outside the RBC Plaza.

AND I got a haircut after four months!! Now that was an experience.

The stylist was super diligent, constantly sanitizing her hands and even asking my permission to answer the phone and assuring me that she had sanitized after answering. 
They only have one door and it was kept open. No hair products were on display. Even the coat tree was covered up.

One person per bench in Commerce Court.

Lots of patios open. For the moment no inside dining allowed in Toronto.

With the streets being so quiet you can notice more details.

This stained glass is at the entrance to the Dynamic Funds Tower, built 1991.

It seems there is construction everywhere these days.

The Dineen Coffee Co. opened its doors in Spring 2013 at the corner of famous Yonge Street and Temperance Street, in downtown Toronto. Their first cafe was built in the historic Dineen Building, once home to W. and F. Dineen Co., who originally made fur clothing. The building is one of the oldest structures in Toronto, and is listed as a Toronto Heritage Property.

Beside the Cloud Gardens, currently closed due to the construction. It looks like I never did a post on the Cloud Gardens other than a mention in the link above.

This homeless person has settled in quite nicely in front of Old City Hall right at Queen and Bay.

Along Queen St. West

Down a laneway behind the closed St. Patrick Market.

CHUM building on right with the old City TV car stuck in the wall.


I had stopped in Michael's, the large American crafts store at John St. for some black elastic and she said they were all out and might get a shipment next week.

So I stopped into a local small fabric store (Spadina and Queen have many) and ended up getting some, 65 cents a yard!

Walking by Grafitti Alley. Uber5000 has updated this.

The city is allowing patios on the road by the curb, these would be parking spots, but a much better use of the space IMHO.

Stopped into Loblaw's.

I also stopped into my new favourite kitchen supply store, image found online.

I had bought a rolling pin here a few weeks ago. Today I got a proper kitchen scissors, salt and pepper shakers to sit on the stove and a couple of small jugs for gravy or dressing that can be put on the table.


An early birthday gift from John! He knew I couldn't find a copy of this book anywhere so he tracked one down in the UK and it arrived this week!

Saturday and we had a lot of salad stuff to use up so John suggested quiche. Perfect as I had some ham in the freezer and broccolini that also needed to be used.

Sunday and I used the rest of the ham with new boiled potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Monday we had Spanish chicken thighs with chorizo, potatoes, carrots and celery.

Tuesday salad and hot Italian sausages. I made these Cheddar Bay biscuits and they were delicious. I cut the recipe in half in case we didn't like them. Next time I will make the dozen.

Wednesday I made a stuffed flank steak with homemade onion gravy.

Thursday we had burgers and I had the bright idea to mix them with feta cheese which really didn't do anything for the flavour.

I also tried a new recipe that will be a keeper. Blueberry breakfast crumb cake.

Friday steak with cucumbers tomatoes red onions and feta with this Greek salad dressing.


Toronto Public Library Toronto ON

Started reading The Nanny which seems like it will be a pretty predictable tale.


  1. ...the first photo tells the difference between Canadians and Americans!!! Now tell me, who in their right mind would pay $52US to ride on a crowded boat and get sprayed with stinky Niagara River water???

  2. Your week appears to have been really eventful. Very nice murals! You are lucky that you moved to Canada.

    be well... mae at

  3. Pleased that you are heading vaguely towards normality but great caution is still needed.

  4. We have gotten into the habit of using the leftovers for our next meal. Leftover bacon from quiche morphed into pasta with bacon and a roasted chicken morphed into chicken pie. Can't wait to see what you think of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.

    There's so much beauty in your town and you always seem to gravitate toward it. I always feel lifted up when I visit your blog.

    I must apologize for all those Americans on the boat. One of them (not literally, but metaphorically) is my younger brother who I am trying to shame into behaving properly. If I am unsuccessful, I am hopeful that his bosses at school will take him in hand when he returns to work.

    Have a good week and take care.

  5. I'd like to take a look at Jamine Oliver's new cookbook. Love the sign you posted at the start of this post.
    So, I checked and requested Tana French's new novel on Netgalley and was declined. Oh well, I can hope to win one from Goodreads or just preorder for Kindle.

  6. The John Lewis cartoon makes me cry. He was a huge man and will be missed but someone pointed out that it is good there is no giant person in the Black Lives Matter movement, but a lot of little people doing a big job together. My Sunday Salon post where I try to focus on stuff I think is good news

  7. How crazy is that picture of the boats on Niagara Falls. It's always an adventure visiting your posts.

  8. The places you have shown about your city makes me think that I would like Toronto, and it would be quite some time before I would get bored! About cutting hair - remember I cut it end of March, well it has grown back and longer, but now am not cutting it yet, because with the hot weather the coolest say to wear it is a ponytail:) Thank you Jackie for sharing your ever so versatile posts with All Seasons (covid has not made a damper on your enthusiasm to share your week!) Have a great upcoming week, Jesh_

  9. The Dynamic tower building building is cool.


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