Saturday, July 4, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 17

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July 2020 - Toronto ON


I'm wondering if I should continue calling these weekly updates as self-isolation? For the last month we both have been getting out, John golfs three times a week, we do weekly day trips and we have been going around town. But we avoid crowds and do not mix with anyone other than the odd sales person.

Toronto is in stage 2 since June 24 but I don't plan on getting my hair cut or having a mani-pedi until I see how the first two weeks go of people "embracing their freedom" to sit on patios.
The numbers from the States that opened up too quickly are staggering and scary.

Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins University, put it this way: “From the very beginning, this outbreak has really been mismanaged in terms of what the government response should have been.” That quote appeared in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article headlined: “The lessons Canada can take from the U.S.’s mishandling of Covid-19.”

Restaurants are reopening in outdoor spaces all over Toronto as the city enters stage two of reopening, but it's still going to be a Footloose summer: singing and dancing is banned on patios.

The Senator, one of the city's oldest restaurants, has found a workaround. Starting Friday, June 26, it's launching a new live music series from its balcony. The Serenade From The Balcony will bring live jazz to Victoria Street every Friday from 4 to 6 pm.
Senator Restaurant Balcony Music

Many restaurants in the city did/will not survive this pandemic. NOW Magazine is carrying an ongoing list.

Our local market within walking distance.
The biggest news was Tuesday when Mayor John Tory and city council voted in favour of face coverings in indoor spaces effective July 7 and what you need to know about mandatory face mask policy.

Masks mandatory on TTC (public transit)  starting July 2; all-door boarding, cash fares return. I took the streetcar after this went into effect. Most are wearing masks, but there seems to be a group of middle-aged people who think wearing a mask under your chin counts.
I saw a man get on with a mask, and ask the man sitting near him (maskless) if he wanted a mask, guy says "nah,man".

Then we have the shameful issue of COVID cases among migrant workers in the Windsore-Essex area.
The advocacy organization, Justice for Migrant Workers, is calling for an immediate shutdown of Ontario's entire agricultural industry until every workplace is fully sterilized to stop the spread of COVID-19 among its workers.
Since the start of the pandemic, more than 1,000 agri-farm workers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 across the province.

Migrant workers at an Ontario farm struggling with a major COVID-19 outbreak “hid” to avoid getting tested when health officials visited recently, Premier Doug Ford said Thursday, refusing to name the business.

Ford said fears among temporary foreign workers that they would not be paid or sent back to their home countries if they tested positive for the virus are hindering efforts to address the outbreak at the farm in the Windsor-Essex region that has seen 191 workers infected with COVID-19.

Obviously our fearless "leader" has no idea what it is like for these migrants. fearing deportation, loss of wages with no health care available.
Ford says they have nothing to fear.

But I am happy that the museums are opening with reduced hours. You must purchase your tickets ahead of time, online. 
AGO has cute description of the rules.


The weather has been hot and humid without any rain. Temperatures have been in the low 30s (Celsius) with humidity making it feel 37-40.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home since we were out every day during the week.
Monday John golfed and I got on a Molly Maid frenzy and did all kinds of chores around the house.
Tuesday John went to bottle his wine and I planned on going out, but as it got to noon I decided that I'd stay in as I prefer going out in the morning when there are less people around.


June was Pride month but it was quiet with no parades or crowds of tourists.
We took a drive and did some rambling about the Gay Village and Cabbagetown.

Interesting architecture in this area.
Salt and Tobacco is a casual Cabbagetown pizzeria specializing in Roman style pizza. They offer gluten free


Pride colours at TD Canada Trust.

As we walked by this takeout joint, no one was social distancing.

A new COVID mural.

 Lots of rules.

Take-out window.

RBC Royal Bank of Canada Pride poster.

Another TD bank.

Clever advertising.

At the corner of Church and Alexander stands an two-and-a-half-metre-tall bronze statue of Alexander Wood, the early Canadian merchant who owned much of the surrounding land that has since become the Church-Wellesley Village.

There is no known image of Wood, except for a vague Georgian silhouette portrait, and the absence of any definitive likeness freed sculptor Del Newbigging to take some creative liberties with the monument. Newbigging’s version of Wood casts him as a dandy, and he appears quite debonair: in one hand he clutches a top hat and leather gloves, and in his other he carries a walking stick. His coat billows out behind him dramatically.

Nani's ice ceam. We had sampled his ice cream last summer at his truck and were so happy to go to his new bricks and mortar location on Charles St.

John tried the first three gelatos and I had the next two. The mojito was amazing as were all the others. Vegan or not they are delicious.

Thursday was hot! We headed to St. Catharines and picked up fish (1 gluten free) haddock and chips at Union Jack and took it to Lester B. Pearson park for a picnic.

Click here for our day trip.

Today's mission were murals.

Masks must be worn!

Enough walking around town, crossing the Welland Canal, still closed to visitors.

We went back to a winery from the first week when most weren't open.


We stopped at Cornerstone's, which wasn't even on our radar. A great small winery, inexpensive. She gave us a sampling of all of these, no charge.

Our booty!

Friday John and a friend headed off for their annual round of golf at Wooden Sticks.

I went to Spadina to poke around.

It appeared that this McDonald's was open for seating which seems odd.

New mural reminding us we're all in this together.


Saturday John requested Chinese chicken curry.

We have started tasting our wines from the Niagara Region where we have made weekly trips over the last month. Click here to read. In light of that, I thought I would create an ongoing wine diary.

Sunday breakfast - I mentioned that I have undertaken this responsibility. The plan was a Spanish Tortilla but the more we looked at recipes we decided it was better to make it for dinner. So John took over and made bacon and tomato.

So dinner went from a Spanish tortilla to a rosti to just the hot Italian sausage I bought a week ago with a Caesar salad and our new favourite (and so easy) dressing.

Fresh strawberries with fresh whipping cream sprinkled with dark chocolate.

I had bought avocados on Friday to make this pie. I had a remaining gluten free pre-made pie crust (don't like them, rather make my own) to use up, as well as some leftover frozen coconut milk and we always have limes.
Avocado key lime pie OMG so good! No bake!!!
My avocados were not ripe enough, it would have been much creamier but WOW fantastic!!!!

 Dinner - lamb chops, Greek lemon roasted potatoes and broccolini AND pie!

TUESDAY slow cooker pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce (no ketchup) and salad. The pulled pork wasn't as tasty as when we use ketchup (but I don't want to use it) I think it needed a little more brown sugar. I might end up combining three of my recipes, one uses cola along with homemade BBQ sauce.

You know how one thing leads to another? I was reading a blogger who mentioned cinnamon bread and I felt the need to make a cinnamon raisin quick bread, which was delicious. I reduced the amount of sugar and didn't mix any sugar with the cinnamon. I only made one loaf, if future I will do the two loaves the recipe makes. So good and no photo 📸📸📸

I am such a huge fan of the gfJules gluten free flour I placed an order on Amazon which should come on Thursday. I intend to be fully stocked for the next lockdown!

Crispy fried chicken and potato salad. I used a different chicken recipe and think it's time I created my own from all the bits and pieces.

Wet mix for the chicken and the double yolk eggs continue, so far there have been 8 in this carton. Too weird for words.

Since we had fish and chips for lunch we had leftover potato salad and Caesar salad with toast and the dipping sauce I had bought in Niagara.

I had leftovers while John dined on this at the golf course.

I bought some new bowls for the kitchen. They all have lids.


Click here for 2019 Scoops!

Monk's Grimsby
Pink grapefruit and raspberry lemonade

Nani's Gelato
Last year we tried carrot and cream and sweet potato as samples at his food truck so it was top of my list for 2020.

Indian chai and espresso liqueur

Mojiito (V) chocolate raspberry (V) ricotta strawberry


I finished Middle England and was sorry to see it end. I am thinking about re-reading the first two books in the series.
But then (from reading the acknowledgements) I discovered that there is a series The Rotters Club and I can watch it on Dailymotion!

I started a book about Jeffrey Epstein, so far it's not capturing my interest.


  1. Your so right about America opening so quickly. I live in a Trump state and last I heard we had an over 400% increase.

  2. How crazy to get 8 double yolk eggs from one carton. That must be some kind of record.

  3. Gelato...I want that more than anything now. We aren't getting out except the early morning grocery run twice a month. Just because I live in Florida doesn't mean I'm joining these bozos who insist on going out and mingling and spreading the virus. It's so sad and we can't even travel to check out new places to live. Ok, rant over on that!
    I'm reading a lot more and looking at homes using online real estate sites. Can't wait to go "shopping"!

    Love that you highlighted some wines, will need to look for a few of those. Yum to Chinese chicken curry.

  4. I think you should definitely continue to emphasize that you are self-isolating just in case a follower of your blog isn't sure whether to continue to follow safe practices. We wear masks when we walk, though it is uncomfortable, just to provide a good example for others. I'm glad you are able to get out and to get out safely. I just wish others would be so considerate. Our numbers are so high here in Texas that even our Republican governor had to do something.

    Even though I don't feel good about getting out now, I enjoy seeing where you venture. The gelato looks wonderful, and I also love seeing and hearing about the wines. Some days I feel like I am going to go crazy being at home.

    The art you share is also a boost to my spirits. I hope you will keep it coming for me.

    Stay well.

  5. All of your photos are so fantastic!! Definitely stay in and safe until several weeks after reopening. That's what I did and I'm so glad I did it, I'm in Florida and boy is it ever scary now! Have a happy Sunday :)

  6. Your posts are so inspiring. I love the art you find. And I cracked up about the art school of fish! My Sunday Salon post

  7. Today is National Fried Chicken Day so that's what I'll be making. You reminded me when I read that you had fried chicken. I've noted the Avocado Key Lime Pie recipe for future reading. I've recently acquired the taste for key lime pie. For that matter, lime.
    I live in California, one of the states with the highest number of cases currently, and after doing so well. It was all the pressure of opening up too soon and quickly. May we all get through this.

  8. Ice cream and gelato is on my mind too a lot! Have to say though, the leftover you ate looked pretty tasty!See you have several comments about the covid repeat. I guess they don't know that the numbers are usually multiplied by 16?Many thanks Jackie for sharing your experiences with All Seasons, and love the murals. Not to forget that scary high heel!!Have a great week, my friend! Jesh

    1. Not sure what you mean by multiplied by 16? Do you mean you think the numbers are being exaggerated?
      The commentators are from States that are seeing high numbers of cases.


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