Friday, July 3, 2020

Willy Nilly

Tom hosts The Willy-Nilly meme

May 2020 - Toronto ON

The Assemblage House

What's that in the front yard of 550 Manning? Well, according to Metro, it's a mix of wood and other materials glued together with orange insulation foam. The assemblage is the work of resident Guiseppe Rauti, who started putting material on his front lawn 18 years ago.


  1. I think I remember this or another similar one in the same area. I'm surprised the neighbours haven't turned him in :)


  2. ...and here I think that I've found funky stuff, this takes the cake!...Below are two posts of what I found, tame compared to this. The neighbors must not be too thrilled! Thanks Jackie for this fun post.

  3. Oh dear - I don't know what to say!


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