Saturday, July 18, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 19

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July 2020 - Toronto ON


From The New Yorker:
A safer place to play

The latest sign of how far the U.S. has fallen behind other countries in combating the virus: The N.H.L. announced that it would hold all of its remaining games this year in two Canadian cities. The U.S. isn’t safe enough.
The 24 hockey teams with the best records — 18 of which are U.S.-based — will travel to Toronto or Edmonton for a two-month tournament (without fans), starting Aug. 1. Las Vegas had been a leading candidate to serve as a host city until the recent virus surge across the Sun Belt.


All of northern Ontario, as well as Ottawa, eastern Ontario, and much of the southwest, will be allowed to move into Stage 3, but Toronto, the surrounding regions, Niagara, and Windsor-Essex and Lambton will remain in Stage 2 for at least a week. However, parts of the province that are moving forward will be able to access a much wider variety of businesses and entertainment.

The types of businesses that will be allowed to reopen include movie theatres, restaurants and bars (no longer restricted to outdoor service only), outdoor and indoor playgrounds, escape rooms, and bowling alleys. Karaoke is allowed but only in a larger bar or restaurant and only with appropriate barriers between singers and crowds.

All new businesses are restricted to a hard limit of 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors — that will apply to movie theatres regardless of the number of theatres operating.

We've had a few people in for estimates. Interesting to see how cautious they all are. One blinds company I contacted only wanted to do a  virtual consultation which I declined as it involved complicated measurements for blinds that I felt should be done in person.
The next person from a blinds company called to make an appointment saying he was only doing two a day and would require me to wear a mask, not a problem, as he would be and there to be no more than two people at home.
The electrician said he required me to wear a mask, and to have only one person at home.
The consultant who measured the kitchen job changed her shoes immediately on entrance, work a mask the whole time, explained they didn't hand out business cards to reduce contact and said she sanitized all her tools before and after a job.


More photos from last week's Van Gogh exhibit.

Saturday and it rained!

We got the balcony (windows cleaned on Friday and spider treatment applied) back into order.

Monday and I didn't go out, I wanted to but veered towards being cautious.
The electrician came and we discussed the size of socket and the placement.

Tuesday we were going to look at flooring but instead stayed in.

Wednesday John headed to an early golf game and I had an appointment with a blinds consultant to cover our windows.
We had removed the shutters a few years ago. Privacy is not an issue but the sun can be especially when the sun is setting. There are shutters in the office and our bedroom which we wanted to replace.

By the end of the meeting I had picked out the coverings and signed the contract.
We will do the whole condo in the same colour but in the bedroom will have the blackout on the back.

Thursday it was rainy and we had to go looking at flooring. We have one estimate from our usual contractor and a couple of other contractors we are looking at. We went to Rona but the selection was limited. But at Home Depot we found a better selection. And I spotted this sign so we signed up for it. This way we can get more than just a high level measurement that our current contractor provided. If the price is right...

And we stopped at Burger's Priest and picked up burgers and fries for lunch. Delicious. John said their gluten free bun was really good, like they used to make.

Friday John golfed and I took the streetcar to Queen St and Augusta. First stop fabric store to see if they had ends or quilting pieces and they did so I got 7 pieces for $20.

Then I walked up Augusta towards Kensington Market.

All that garbage was being cleaned out. There may have been a homeless issue as there was a police car to the right.

KM - Kensington Market

A great shop Blue Banana.

All a-glitter!


Saturday roast chicken with stuffing, new boiled potatoes and broccolini.
The carcass become soup.

Sunday and I was on breakfast duty and decided to do potato cakes stuffed with mushrooms and cheese  along with black pudding.

Lamb Shepherd's pie with mashed potato, cauliflower and broccolini, all three mashed together.

I made the herb crusted pork chops again this week but I also brined the pork chops this time. I wouldn't bother with the brining, I didn't feel it added anything.

Leftover lamb shepherd's pie and salad.

Wednesday John had an early golf game so I made apple fritters with bacon for breakfast.
I then used the rest of apples to make a caramel upside down apple cake. It was okay but it didn't really make a sticky caramel.

I had frozen apples so I made some ice cream as well.

I used the leftover pork chop and added shrimp to make spring rolls (we also had last week).
I made a different sweet and sour sauce, much better than last week and no ketchup! It uses pineapple juice. And a peanut dipping sauce.

John had the baked haddock and I had salmon with maple syrup and salad.

Friday John made black pudding and fried eggs for breakfast. Again we have double yolks.

I had the can of crushed pineapple (left from the sweet and sour sauce) so I made this pineapple poke cake. Delicious and easy! No mixer!
Steak frites for dinner.


Potato chips are universal and something we pick up when we want a snack when away.


I am reading Stay Where I Can See You.
A seemingly normal suburban family experiences a dream-come-true windfall, which sends them back to the city, to a big house, a new, more comfortable, life. 

My kind of read and a double bonus as it is set in Toronto!


  1. Your art work — the three famous women and all the murals — all great!

    be well... mae at

  2. Wearing a mask isn't something that bothers me but oh man, some of the folks who think it's a violation of their rights really steams me. So we stay home a lot. I love the church sign! And the caramel apple cake. You won't like my post, its pasta :-)

    Oh my, a library checkout card! I do remember when those were stamped.

    1. Your pasta recipe does look good, I don't mind cream sauces and as someone suggested I think it would be good with shrimp.

  3. I am really surprised that the movie theaters are opening up- that sounds really risky too me.
    I've also noticed that workers that need to come to the house have been extra careful. I for one am not going out except to grocery shop or a walk in the park. Lovely photos!

    1. I agree, Judee, I have no intentions of going to the movies. We have plenty of ways to view them at home.

  4. Thanks for the pineapple poke cake recipe. I printed it out.

    WOW your view!!!! What floor do you live on??? So cool.

  5. I remember what that card is for! Thanks for your post!

  6. It must be nice to read a book set in your home town. You cook and eat black pudding? I am not sure whether to say wow, or oh dear how ghastly. Apple fritters with bacon sounds pretty good.

    1. HA HA I love black pudding, but agree, you either love it or hate it.

  7. I like the sound of Stay Where I Can See You. Glad you are enjoying it.

    I've kept my back windows free of blinds or curtains since we got new windows last summer. I'm still thinking about what I want to do. Your new window coverings will be lovely.

    Your city keeps the people's spirits up with the murals. And, oh my, if the US keeps things going the way they are, Mexico and Canada will build a wall!

    Have a good week and take care.

  8. And I thought we were eating well during the pandemic! Your city pictures and views from your windows make me want to move to Toronto.

  9. We traded our five month self-isolation for 14-days of quarantine to come home to Canada. As you cartoon depicts, we were a bit afraid to come back from our condo in the States. In March we decided it was safer to stay in a town with more hospital options than our home in the small town of Powell River. But it was clear that going home was now the safer choice, even with less local health care options. - Margy


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