Saturday, July 4, 2020

Niagara Wines Diary WIP

CorkScrewedTV is now on YouTube!
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Join Ralph and Pat as they navigate the wonderful world of VQA wine from grape growing and harvesting to winemaking, sampling and food pairing. Each engaging episode will fill up your Wine Country Ontario touring needs until you can return.

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Episode List:
1: Good Franc @ The Good Earth Winery and Cooking School
2. Pinot Envy @ Flat Rock Cellars
3: Everything Happens for a Riesling @ Featherstone
4: Back to the Future @ Henry of Pelham
5: Chard ON eh? @ Southbrook
6. IceWhine @ Pillitteri Estates
7. A Gamay Renaissance @ 13th Street Winery
8. Sparkling Wine...Anytime @ Jackson-Triggs
9.Cab Sauv, Cab Frac...Cab Home @ Marynissen

OMG this is an informative and fun series of videos! You must watch!!

As well you can see the beautiful Niagara wine region and see the wineries we are visiting.

We are doing day trips around the Niagara wine region at the moment.
Niagara Wine Region Week 2
St. Catharines Week 3
Niagara Wine Region Week 4
Niagara Wine Region Jordan Week 5
St. Catharines Week 6
Niagara-on-the-Lake Week 7

We have purchased wines (so far) from the highlighted wineries in the list above along with others.
I will update as we good along.

We thought we should keep a diary of the wines as we try them.


Cave Spring  $24.95  served with steak
It's good but at that price and compared to the others below we wouldn't buy it again. The snobbishness of the staff also influenced our opinion compared to the other wineries visited.
Our least favourite visit.

The Good Earth     with chicken curry

London Born $10 hot Italian sausage and salad

The owner called this "pizza wine", saying that it was like ordering wine in Europe on a patio, you just ask for red wine. It was a great taste and at $10 worth stocking up on.

Harbour Estates Midnight $12.95   lamb chops
Powerful nose, with rich black fruits, smoke, eucalyptus, mint and anise. Soft on the palate, with a delicate richness. Blackberries, subtle blueberries and spice are noticeable. A truly elegant wine


July 2020

Cornerstone $25 Asian seared steak noodle salad and ginger dressing.

A delight to visit and drink.

A robust and deep red made using the Appassimento method of drying. The nose is of red and black fruit, chalk, vanilla with a hint of bell pepper, typical for this variety.

We shared this over a couple of nights as an aperitif. from Leaning Post $20.

Winemaking Notes

The grapes were picked on two separate days with the Pinot Noir harvested on October 11th and the Cabernet Sauvignon on November 9. They were left on skins over night to extract the right amount of colour, then direct pressed to stainless steel tanks where the juice was allowed to settle. We fermented at a cool temperature to preserve aromatics and fruit. It was bottled in March 2020.
Tasting Notes

Our house style of rose is bright and refreshing with a pale colour and great fruit. The nose has vibrant red fruits such as, sour cherry, raspberry, watermelon with complimentary savoury notes with hints of floral orange blossom. The palate supports the nose with rich texture and a delicate finish. This bright, refreshing Rose was built for warm summer days and good company!

Burnt Ship Bay Savignon Blanc $25 ($13.55 at the winery) from Pondview Estates.


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