Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday Mural

I'm linking up at Monday Mural

May 2020 - Toronto ON

Just before Dupont Street ends at Dundas West, it passes under a set of railway tracks…it's a confusing tangle of streets here!

It is an Art Starts project using cycling as a theme. Lead artists Joshua Barndt and Jamie Bradbury along with 5 youth artists took 4 weeks to complete the mural. The mural was funded by the City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Program.

Across the street

And the city of the future.


  1. ...these are great and photographing underpasses is tough!!!

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  3. Great collection of murals Jackie. My favourite is the one with the flowers and bird under the railway bridge.
    Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals.

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  5. I finally got back online late last night and am now playing catch-up. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier while I was offline. I absolutely LOVE the cyclists, but I love everything about this Art Sparks venture. It sounds like an amazingly important project. The cyclists go on and on and on, and I was so surprised it took over an entire area. Of course, I can't overlook the flowers that cover the other side of the railway bridge. You have found some beauties and took the time to share them. Thanks!


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