Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday Mural

I'm Linking up at Monday Mural.

July 2020 - Toronto ON

I was in Kensington Market the other day, mask on (reqd indoor public spaces) and socially distancing. 
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My main purpose was to see this new piece of art.

Local artists took to Kensington Market on Wednesday to paint the street red — and blue, and pink, and purple too — with a message of “Black Lives Matter.”
The artwork was created as part of a peaceful protest, according to organizers, and 16 artists participated in the project.
Now sprawling across Augusta Avenue, the message is bold and bright, with each letter serving as its own unique piece of art.

It was not easy to photograph.

I found an aerial view online.

There was a new store opening right in front of this and it had a mural just painted by Elicser.


This is also new this year by Luvs.


  1. ...what a fabulous mural scene you have in Toronto.

  2. Much better than throwing paint on statues.

  3. Great murals Jackie. I like that the each letter is painted differently. Thanks for participating.

  4. I thought we had a lot of murals in Wichita, but these are incredible. I am thrilled to see the ground view of the street mural and the aerial view, too. But you have tons of murals, especially the last one by Luvs. You obviously have these murals everywhere, dear. I love how you were able to share these Jackie.


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