Friday, September 20, 2019

Rise and Shine

Eulcid and College Toronto

2019 Legends of Queen St. West Music in Murals
New Elicser mural at Runnymede Station
AND MANY MANY MORE MURALS THIS WEEK! Including the one above!

Saturday we did a grocery run, with John moaning about why do we do this on a Saturday....
Put everything away and chose the Mexican Day over the very popular Roncesvalles Polish Festival or Bloor St. Ukrainian Festival.

This was exceptionally small for one of our festivals. We didn't stay long, grabbed a bite and moved on.

But there was people watching.

I meant to buy one of the Frida bowls and John was supposed to remind me, but we forgot. I did find the supplier online though.

John asked if ice cream was on the agenda. I had two spots in mind so we took the streetcar (yeah for Presto transit cards, you can travel for two hours for one fee) to the further spot.

Walking along Queen St. West.

Who knew we had a bar dedicated to the Rolling Stones?

We were invited into Chantecler by head butcher Emily, and had a great tour.

We walked right by the ice cream, and had to backtrack. It is located inside the Vegandale Brewery.

Not Your Mother's vegan ice cream. Ice cream is soy based and everything is nut free.

Click here for the menu.

Sunday we attended a welcome to the family and a birthday party for a little guy who has been adopted by a friend's family.

And I got a present, a new wine travel glass, now John requested a black one!
Check that card out!

Monday I met John and we did 14K steps as we wandered about.
This was a photo/mural heavy outing.
Some doors  more to come.

I am only doing some highlights here. We found SO many murals on this trek.
Click here for the long version of our College Circuit that doesn't even cover all of our day.

Into Kensington Market for lunch.

Bellevue Square Park.

Lunch destination.  Chicken is gluten free as rice flour is used. Their waffles can also be made gluten free.

The chicken was absolutely delicious, much better than Chen Chen's hot chicken at Stackt a few weeks ago. But neither of us cared for the dirty fries, too sweet.
The fries come with onion rings but the server said they contained gluten.

Finally, no one in front of it.

A teaser from the murals we found in a lane. Post(s) to come.

And a work in progress, her tag is @_death.roe, as she told us, her last name is Roe.

Project Bookmark Canada is the only national, site-specific literary exhibit in the world. Founded by writer Miranda Hill in 2007, the Bookmarks--21 and counting!--form a nation-wide trail of the country's literature.

#6 Fugitive Pieces, by Anne Michaels Toronto, Ontario: College and Manning Streets

LeTAO is a Japanese bakery cafe specializing in cheesecakes and soft serve ice creammade with high quality milk from Hokkaido.

Ham broccolini and feta cheese quiche with a gluten free (Whole Foods) crust. Good, but I'm going back to my crustless quiche recipe.

Tuesday we went to check out a new (as in "brand new") mural. More to come.

62-64 Charles Street stood vacant in 1869 when the land was purchased by Thomas Smith in two separate transactions. However, the site remained undeveloped until 1884 when Smith conveyed part of his land to builder Arthur Coleman. By September 1885, the semi-detached houses were occupied by lumberman Samuel Kennedy and merchant Phineas Burton, respectively, who remained the tenants until the end of the 19th century. In 1899, James H. Ames purchased the property at 62 Charles Street East, while 64 Charles was divided into three units in 1919, three years before it was sold by Coleman's heirs. 

Canadian architect Frederick C. Lee (1874-c. 1936) acquired 62 Charles in 1920 as the Toronto headquarters of the architectural practice shared with American architect Edward F. Stevens (1860-1946). 
Internationally recognized for its expertise in hospital design, Stevens and Lee also maintained an office in Boston to oversee commissions across North America and beyond. During Stevens and Lee's tenure at 62 Charles Street East, they designed a maternity wing for Wellesley Hospital (1926), additions to St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Hospital (1929-30 and now named St. Joseph's Health Centre) and, most significantly, Women's College Hospital (1928-29, a National Historic Site).

Towering over the home at more than 50 storeys each, the twin columns of Casa II and Casa III chart the course of a new city.
As often happens with new developments, significant commitments to the love and care of old buildings were secured by the city from developer Cresford before building permits were issued. The semi-detached, Second Empire homes at 62 and 64 Charles St. E., built by contractor Arthur Coleman and painter Thomas Smith in 1885, now boast an excellent example of the lost art of tuckpointing.

Next door, at 66, the plaque reads:
Born in Toronto, Bengough, a cartoonist, journalist, poet and lecturer, demonstrated a remarkable versatility of talent. In 1873 he founded Grip, the weekly magazine of humour in which many of his celebrated cartoons first appeared. In 1892 he moved to Montreal as cartoonist with the Star but subsequently returned to Toronto to resume his work for the Globe. The author of A Caricature History of Canadian Politics (1886), he also published, among other works, two volumes of poems, Motley (1895), and In Many Keys (1902). He died at Toronto.

"Bellevue Street 1945" by Denise LaFrance, 68 Charles Street East, Bell Box Murals Project.

Guschlbauer opened its first store (2017) in North America in Toronto, selling their famous quarter cheese buns along with cream puffs and inventive drinks.

The first stores were in Austria with origins all the way back to 1919, but then Asia hooked onto the trend, indulging in a fascination with Western-style bread and cheese that's taken these ingredients to fantastic new heights. Currently there are also stores in Korea and Hong Kong.

Bloom Cafe is a Japanese bakery that makes cream puffs and delicious roll cakes.

Wednesday for breakfast - dragon fruit cheese bun from Guschbauer's.
Buns are handmade with cream cheese from Australia and New Zealand, and take hours to complete in full. They're sliced twice in the middle and stuffed with oozing melted cream cheese. Delicious.


Wednesday and an acquaintance gave me some Concord and green grapes. So I made a quick jam with the purple ones, but I did have to strain it as the pips were too hard.

College Park

Thursday was a shopping/lunch day with my BFF.

An intriguing flower display in the Bay.

Toaster $1,050.00 but it is pretty.

A stop in Bem McNally's, Toronto's most beautiful book store, unfortunately, the store's lease ends next year and the property owner plans to revamp the current space into an open-air pathway that will run between Richmond and Temperance Streets.

I meet John and a friend next door at Gabardine, which, coincidentally. is closing October 1.

We chatted over beers and munched on Korean fried cauliflower, sweet gochujang, Japanese style mayo and an ice cream sandwich.

Back home, we ordered from a local restaurant, John's gluten free pizza.

Friday John golfed and I only ran out for some groceries for the weekend.
Dinner, NOT steak, but a chicken pot pie.


Bang Bang 2018 Ossington Ave
Taiyaki NYC Japanese Dundas W
Dainties Macaron ice cream macaron sandwich Spadina
Arctic Bites Thai stir fried ice cream rolls Baldwin St.
The Dessert Kitchen chocolate fondue Harbord St.
iHalo Krunch Queen St. W
Cafe Bora Yorkville 
Not Your Mother's Vegan Queen St. W
LaTAO College St. W
Bloom Cafe Yonge St.


College St. Toronto

I am almost finished Mrs. so glad to finally have a good read.

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    Basically I said that you got me craving ice cream and Mexican (thank you, Mexican Day!). Always love the murals you find -- each one different but still very cool. Enjoy your jam!

  3. The murals are amazing! As always I like the tour and the food photos.

  4. You do more in a week than most people do in a year.

    I am intrigued with the idea of Project Bookmark Canada. What a fun adventure. Almost like a scavenger hunt. I had to go and look it up and I found that they only use fiction and poetry.

    Seeing all these murals makes we want to go and paint one in my town. I did paint my mailbox a few months back. What might I paint next?

    Have a great week.

  5. Everybody needs a travel wine glass!

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