Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge

I am known for never doing anything without my camera, DSLR or my phone. In fact, John is almost as bad as me!!

Uluru Australia.

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

I snuck (I know, not a word!) this snap in Mazatlan of two tourists from a visiting cruise ship.

But no, I hope we don't look like this on our travels!

Or how about these tourists in Singapore.

Dublin Ireland

This is my all time favourite focus shot, in Bratislava, Slovakia.

John focused on me and my pal.

John, Moscow Russia.

If I ever got a tattoo, Yulara Australia.


  1. That Bratislava shot is a show stopper!

  2. The woman at Uluru took the warning about the Australian sun rather seriously.

    Maybe two decades ago, female American tourists were very recognisable in Melbourne by the 'shell suits' they wore. No one here wore them.

    Short white socks with shorts.....very problematic.

    1. I so agree about the socks and shorts! Could they look more stereotypical?

  3. I love when photographers look at themselves!


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