Monday, September 16, 2019

Monday Mural

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September 2019 - Toronto ON

As part of the TTC’s (Toronto Transit Corporation) Public Art Program, Elicser depicts the many faces of Bloor West Village as they pass through time, and Runnymede station in “Anonymous Somebody”.

These large format pieces (one is almost 5 metres long) capture people waiting on platforms or catching some shut-eye on the TTC’s iconic red seats. The images are taken directly from the artist’s sketchbook, which he filled with images of people both from life and his imagination.

50s fashion and hair styles mixed with 21st century technology.

“It’s for all the people that have passed through Runnymede station in the last 50 years and more,” says Elliot of the digitally coloured works.


“For example, the nurse is my agent’s grandmother who lives four blocks from the station. She would take the same subway to work every morning for 40 years. So different stories of different people are in the piece.”


  1. ...a wonderful way to brighten up the subway.

  2. Wonderfully captured, a nice way, too, to make the wait for the next train nicer.

  3. These really are fantastic. A great way to brighten up a dull wall x

  4. What fabulous mural Jackie, so well portrayed. Thanks for contributing.

  5. Absolutely incredible murals and a fabulous artist. I could not have been more impressed, because this really struck me at how the artist used many images to represent the people who were part of his life. Truly stunning.

  6. I love his work and these are wonderful pieces! I was wondering what you were heading to Runnymede to see! ;-)


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