Friday, September 6, 2019

Bike Rack Sculptures

September 2019 - Toronto ON

I had seen and photographed some of these bike racks outside the Royal Ontario Museum but never gave them much thought. I was there to look at the new open space that has been completed by the ROM. Maybe because it wasn't as crowded as usual, I was able to get a photo of them.

This photo was taken in 2016.

They have been here since 2008 and supposedly there are an even dozen. I found ten of the artistic bicycle racks along Queen's Park Crescent, each of which represents an exhibit or specimen found inside the museum. The various designs include a Grecian urn, a trilobite, a sea monster and a rust-coloured zebra head.

If you like this creativity, check out the Museum subway station that is next to the ROM.

There is ALWAYS an ice cream truck here.

The pieces were designed by Toronto artists Jack Gibney and Phil Sarazen, whose steel bicycle stand sculptures were previously installed in Parkdale and North Toronto.

Now I have to search out the Parkdale ones...

Gibney and Sarazen examined the ROM's galleries, vaults and gift shop for inspiration and wound up coming up with more than 30 designs.


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