Monday, September 2, 2019

Monday Mural

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September 2019 - Toronto ON

Spotted as we drove home on Sunday along Eglinton East. John made a turn to get us into the lane where we could park.


Painted by Elicser back in 2007! In the second section below, you can see the title Prodigal Son, the bible story Luke 15:11-32.

Then in 2016 46 street artist with spray cans in hand brightened up the alley with the Wall Expressions project, Go Big or Go Home.

At this end there is a possum with cool red boots and a spray can, with a smirk.


And the reigning king of Toronto laneways, the raccoon.



Swimmer by Sparr

Middle - owl by mska. Swirls on right by Spud.

Not sure I'd want to go to this barber! Another mska.

NIck Sweetman shrimp.


  1. The Raccoon and the owl are my favourites Jackie. And I love your new header, what a great mural!!

  2. ...what a great collection, Jackie!

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  4. The raccoon sure is my love :-)
    We have them here now, too (I haven´t seen one, yet, though).

  5. You have found some amazing murals here!

    best... mae at


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