Friday, September 6, 2019

Road Grill

Saturday we did a vegetable shop, other than that we vegged.

Mural off Lake Shore Blvd.

Wings and fries for dinner.

Sunday predicated rain but we took a chance and headed to the Toronto Botanic Gardens.
Never been there, hard to believe.

ZimSculpt is a spectacular display of sculptures made by hand from stone from the Zimbabwean mountains. Over 100 large sculptures will be displayed throughout the gardens along with the very popular Marketplace where hundreds of handheld pieces will be available for purchase. The setting of the botanical garden amplifies both the beauty of the art as well as the gardens.

WOW these were stunning. Just a sample, there were a hundred.

We took the meandering route home and spotted some murals. Click here to see them.

Roast pork and I made my first mustard sauce, delicious. Recipe from Marcus Wareing, Masterchef Professionals, my new addiction. Love the skills challenges. My tip, though, a few drops of lemon juice to finish.

Monday, Labour Day and we took (gasp) our "real" cameras up to the roof to watch some of the air show.

Looking east,CN Tower on far right. Downtown is about a 15 minute ride.

Looking west.

Looking west by Lake Ontario.

Straight down, Humber Bridge.

Sunnyside Pavilion a landmark public pavilion in the Sunnyside lakefront area. Built in 1922, its original function was to provide changing facilities for swimming in Lake Ontario, however lake conditions were often too cold and an adjoining public swimming pool was built in 1925. The Pavilion was renovated in 1980 to provide updated changing facilities and a café along the beach and a garden.

"Our" streetcar for going downtown along Queen St.

Looking south, boats out to watch air show.

Straight down, south. The Humber Bridge is just around the left corner.

Straight down, more right. Ice cream truck!

Big green space is High Park. It spans 161 hectares (400 acres), and is a mixed recreational and natural park, with sporting facilities, cultural facilities, educational facilities, gardens, playgrounds and a zoo. One third of the park remains in a natural state, with a rare oak savannah ecology. High Park was opened to the public in 1876 and is based on a bequest of land from John George Howard to the City of Toronto.
Click here to visit the zoo and the historic home of Colborne Lodge, Howard's home.

Oh...the air show!

John, at the corner.

CN Tower fly by.

People enjoying themselves.

Tuesday John golfed and I had an eye appointment and a pedicure.

The only photo I took was this new signage on the St. George subway platform instructing people on how to board the train. Can't understand why they need it as most Torontonians already know to stand to the side of the doors until passengers have disembarked. I guess they had a "brain-storming" meeting of useless ideas.

You know the one. You’re on hour two of too many. The wall is covered in sticky notes. The coffee is running low. Everyone’s eyes are starting to glaze over. You’re thinking about all the work you aren’t doing while sitting in that room. And the three loudest people on the team are having an unofficial competition to see who can contribute the most ideas, quality be darned.

Wednesday I went to meet an old friend in our old neighbourhood for lunch. I headed to Greektown.

We had gone to the Taste of Danforth last year. And a walk along the Danforth.

A sneak peek at the new murals at Carrot Common, just unveiled last week.
More photos here.

We went to Soula's, a delightful delicious place with a menu full of tasty Greek food.
For lunch they had a fixed menu of three courses for $23, a good deal and big plates!
Garlic pita bread was provided. I had melted feta in phyllo drizzled with honey. Honestly I could have been happy with just a plate of this.

A huge serving of tilapia (this was the best I have ever had), cream sauce and it is over a mound of mashed potatoes, chard and carrots. Too big for me!

I didn't take a photo of the honey drizzled walnut cake and cream.

After that I needed a walk. I stopped and picked up blueberries and raspberries at a $1 each along with strawberries $2 and five bunches of scallions for $2.

Art store.

Sidewalk mural.

Wednesday I met my BFF and we stopped into the new Tim Horton's Cafe.

We went to the Textile Museum to see the TAPESTRY OF SPIRIT: THE TORAH STITCH BY STITCH PROJECT.
I'll only give a sample few photos in this weekly recap. Click here for lots more photos.

Tapestry of Spirit presents the ambitious and inclusive social project to cross stitch the first five books of the Bible as well as selections from the Scriptures and Qur’an, reflecting on the theme of creation. It is an immersive installation that has been collectively created by almost 1500 volunteers of many faiths, under the artistic leadership of Temma Gentles (Toronto). Visitors will journey through nearly 1000 panels in three languages (Hebrew, Greek and Arabic) including illuminations and embellishments by stitchers from 28 countries who have interpreted these ancient narratives into contemplative, often highly personal expressions.

There was two other interesting displays.

Hair receiver???
A hair receiver is a small pot, with a hole in the lid, kept on the dressing table in the Victorian era to store hair removed from brushes and combs. The hair was recycled in a number of ways—notably for stuffing small bags, about 8–10 centimetres (3–4 in) across, called ratts, used to bulk out women's hairstyles.

From there we walked to College Park for some lunch and retail therapy.

Dinner was carbonara and salad.

Friday! Already!

John headed to golf and I went to Yorkville to check out some new murals.

First I went to the ROM to see their new green space. I expected more.

I also finally got the bike rack sculptures.

I know, I've taken this display for the Dutch painters; exhibit before, but I like it.

Lots of greenery on this very expensive condo building, the Museum House. There;s no units for sale, however, you could rent one for $15,000 a month.

A quick look at the new murals, Click here to see them.

Peeking into a gallery.

Mr. Brainwash, he also did the large collage featured in the mural post.

Another one to check out.

I don't know when you could get an unobstructed view!

Then it started raining so I headed underground to pick up some groceries and head home.


The Reader ZimSculpt Botanic Gardens

Not having much luck finding a book I like! Have started Mrs. Osmond, not sure how that will be!


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  1. Jackie,
    As I can see from your fabulous photos, you had another full and interesting week. Interesting exhibit at the textile museum and LOve all those tomatoes!

  2. I hate when I have book slump. Love those tomatoes too! I think we're going to get only one more good week of tomatoes this year, but I plan on buying a bunch -- I'll cook up some sauce for the freezer. Love so many of the sculptures and that Torah exhibit looks very cool.

  3. Ohhhhh I forgot to say how much I like the rooftop photos!

  4. Y'all sure do stay busy! Those tomatoes look delicious and the botanical gardens look beautiful.

  5. What a jam packed week full of adventures. Enjoyed the botanical garden and sculptures, and the interesting fact about "hair receivers" -- (who knew?).

  6. The sculptures are fascinating, and the views from up high are spectacular!

  7. The Botanic Garden sculptures are very good and I like the plant animal figures in beds. You did really well catching the planes in action. Some people here really do need guidance as to where to stand when getting on a train or tram. As our public transport becomes increasingly crowded, we are getting rather good at accidentally bumping into someone who is blocking a doorway as we get on or off. Pretty cool Marley portrait.

    1. You mean "accidentally", right, Andrew? So am I. It's not the people getting on or off that are a problem, it's the ones who think it's okay to be blocking the door.

  8. I love the sculptures in the garden. I think I could spend a week there, looking at those and thinking about them.

    Oh my! Look at those planes. Wow.

    You live the life---great food, great beauty, great art. I thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. The sculptures are fabulous, Jackie, and I always love the Red Arrows. :) :)
    Just going to look at the Algarve post now. Late night watching Rafa so I'm tired.

  10. What a wonderful post, Jackie! Love the air show- stunning, and the beautiful views of Toronto with your "real" cameras:) But the crown of your post, i think is the choices in art, especially the Zimbabwean artists. Beautiful, creative, stunning Have not seen many art statues of Africa - these are exquisite. Am jealous of art you can see weekly! (But not willing to move to Toronto, lol!) Many thanks for sharing with All Seasons what you saw in Toronto. Have an artful Fall week, good Friend!


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