Friday, September 27, 2019

Food Stand

King St West Toronto

Saturday and a splendid later summer day, perfect for the Queen St. West Art Crawl in Trinity Bellwoods.

Absolutely fabulous work!

@CoffeeCoreConfession loved her coffee shop prints.

Another favourite Mandy Forbes embroidery. Image from her website.

Mike Nguyen

Ian Wright

Bought a print from Mario Beaudoin.

So hot out, ice cream was needed at Nadege, a French bakery.

John - Canadian Gourmet - maple, nuts and chocolate brittle
Mine - lemon cheesecake, not very lemony but lots of cheese chunks

And then, wouldn't you know, on the corner is an ice cream truck, Indian, that a friend was just telling us about. He kindly gave us samples, carrot and cream and sweet potato, both delicious. We're now following him, so we can try more of his flavours.

Dinner - classic lasagna using Catelli gluten free noodles.

Sunday and I was worried that it would rain on the Word On The Street (WOTS) festival but it cleared and was a hot late summer day.
John came with me this year and enjoyed it.
Sunday is the marketplace but it is so much more than that with many other bookish/author events taking place on week. There are readings that you can attend.

Since 1990, The Word On The Street has presented thousands of Canadian authors for readers of all ages and literary appetites. This year's schedule includes over 200 presenters on 14 stages.

View as we had lunch at Boxcar Social, strawberry salad and calamari. Not bad.

Author reading.

Interesting pavement art on Queen at Spadina.

Monday I went on an organization mission. Repotted some plants, cleaned the balcony. Met with a friend to complete our proxies for the condo general meeting.
Hung the new print.

Tuesday John and I headed to Bloor and Bathurst, the heart of Koreatown.

John was hungry so we went to NishDish.

NishDish Marketeria is doing more than just serving traditional Anishnawbe food, they’re reclaiming native food history and First Nations culture.


What started out as a catering company run by Chef Johl Whiteduck Ringuette has now blossomed into a cafe and restaurant in Koreatown selling breakfasts and lunches using traditional native ingredients, as well as products by local First Nations artisans.

A thirteen moon calendar is hand painted on the ceiling by Ren Lonechild, the same artist who decorated the exterior with birch trees.

John had their Three Sisters stew, delicious and spicy.
It is said that by the time the Europeans arrived in America in the late 1400s, Native Americans had been growing what they call the “Three Sisters” for centuries. These sisters were companion plants of corn, beans, and squash, and were the dietary staple for many of the tribes across the New World.

Then I had a surprise for John. His first comment was "hey, I'm not eating in a place called poop"!

Be ready for a lot of potty talk/images and humour.

Seat yourself on a toilet.

MMMM....water glasses.

Mango for me.

Peanut butter for John.

All this diversity makes me happy to live in such a vibrant city.

Animal Rights Toronto held a chalktivism at Christie Pits in August. They met to chalk up the side walk with vegan messages.

Long was a professional trumpet player who, in 1956, thought he could sell instruments to some of his friends in the music community. With the small store he set up on the second floor of the old house on Carlton Street in Toronto, he became a dealer for King Band Instruments. The store's floor was later divided up into music studios so that Long could teach trumpet lessons on the side. About 6 months later, Long rented out a room to a local drummer named Jack McQuade, which the latter used for drum lessons.
Last year this mural was on this wall.

One of the most Instagrammable murals in town. Studio 835's Make Good mural by 416Gallery owner and artist Jimmy Chiale.

More to come on these fabulous murals at

This was just unveiled on September 13. It is on the side of PAT, a large Korean grocery store full of interesting and exotic items.

A few blocks east is this mural, it is impossible to avoid the garbage cans.
It is on the side of Yi Fang Korean Fruit Tea.
Blinc Studios also did amazing murals in Chinatown. The dragon is wreaking havoc on a Toronto 1900 street scene.

Malts and cigarettes at the cut rate drugstore. Are they running from the dragon?

Probably more 1930s as this appears to be a lineup for a soup kitchen.

My purchase at PAT's.

Wednesday - golf and I waited for our new carpet to be delivered. Once it came around 2 PM I returned a library book.

Quebec strawberries bought on Bloor St. yesterday.

Two cookbooks, $5 each, that I bought at WOTS.

Returning my library book at City Hall branch.

Thursday we headed out at 9:30 to meet our friends at Union Station and took the bus to the Museum of Illusions.

This was a blast!

King St. streetcar to Liberty Village where we wander, have lunch, shop and visit the Zoomer Museum.

Lunch at the Barcelona Tavern, where we ate last year.

John and I shared the patatas fritas and veal bomba meatballs.

We had visited the MZTV Museum last year and it was fun to do again.

Back home and I stop by a friend's to drop off the stamps I ordered for her.

We ended up ordering Swiss Chalet chicken for dinner since I was so late coming back and John was busy setting up his new laptop!

Friday John went golfing with a friend, and it was a glorious day.

Before he left he put down the new carpet and I love it.

I made the mistake of going to Bay and Bloor by way of College Park, during the Climate Change protest but power to the people!!!!!

I didn't even attempt to take the subway east to Bay, but walked there instead.


Bang Bang 2018 Ossington Ave
Taiyaki NYC Japanese Dundas W
Dainties Macaron ice cream macaron sandwich Spadina
Arctic Bites Thai stir fried ice cream rolls Baldwin St.
The Dessert Kitchen chocolate fondue Harbord St.
iHalo Krunch Queen St. W
Cafe Bora Yorkville 
Not Your Mother's Vegan Queen St. W
LeTAO College St. W
Bloom Cafe Yonge St.
Nadege Bakery Queen St. W at Trinity Bellwoods
Poop Cafe Bloor St. W


2019 WOTS Harbourfront Toronto

Reading The News Where You Are and really enjoying it.

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  1. Very amused by 'that' cafe. The place of illusions looks great.

  2. Jackie Jackie- another interesting week of culture and food! Thanks for taking me along with all your fabulous photos.

  3. Cool art crawl! And what would one of your posts be without ICE CREAM!!!! (though the urinal water glasses . . ummm) Ha! Word on the Street looks like a great event. The dragon murals were amazing and loved the illusions too.

  4. Oh my goodness. You folks just do nothing but eat good food and explore fascinating places....You must be the happiest people in the world!

    I’m still thinking about carrot and cream ice cream. I was completely swept up in carrot cake so I bet the ice cream is wonderful, too.

    I love that big mural, Make Good. We need something like that in ever town. As a reminder.

    Have a great week. (Like you need me to tell you that! I KNOW you are going to have a great week.)

  5. The graphic rug in your living room is a great choice -love it. all all the illusions, the one I like best is the one with you in the striped corner, and John off to the side with his phone! Don't know I I could get used to the poop cafe - the container for the ice cream, and the water glass is too real! Wow, so much to see here, but I thought the highlights for me were the above! Never a boring week in your city! Many thanks for sharing it with All Seasons! Have fun this week, Jesh

  6. That museum looks like so much fun!

    Wishing you a great week

  7. I am seriously hungry at the moment, so I won't hang about. Cheers, Jackie! :) :)

  8. You had a lot of fun last week. All things I would want to do if I lived in Toronto. The Poop Cafe is funny but I'll skip that for the book festival.


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