Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Winners The Stockyards Toronto ON

October 2018 - Toronto ON

Don't blame me if you get an ear-worm from the above photo!


Pink Saturday

We did some shopping, a rarity on a weekend for us. We went to the Stockyards, a mall of sorts, built on former stockyards. Hence the header photo.
John got a couple of sweaters and scarves at Winners, I replaced my baking sheets at HomeSense and we stocked up at Bulk Barn, using their $3 coupon. John scored some gluten free cereal at 75% of as the expiry date was closing in. And it was good cereal!

Then we settled in. I baked a cranberry yogurt cake that is a favourite around here and tried one bowl vegan pumpkin bread to which I added walnuts and cranberries. It was good but needed to bake longer than the 30 minutes stated in the recipe.

I rearranged my spices (again) and moved them to a drawer which meant moving the baggies, parchment paper and foil to somewhere else. I have a mishmash of mostly round, different sizes containers for the spices so might change them out for square ones which will store better.

We decided on burgers and homemade potato salad for dinner.

Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

That's our building causing that huge shadow.

Another lazy day, knitting, football, binge watching MasterChef Australia, and other past times. Sunday in our house.

Ham, Brussels sprouts and potatoes au gratin for dinner.

Foto Tunes
Monday Mural

Toronto votes today for mayor, city Councillors and school trustee. And I've had enough and voting female all the way!

I met a friend T for coffee and we share our baked goods and catch up on the news.

View as we had coffee.

Chili for dinner with cheddar cheese gluten free biscuits.

Tuesday Treasures 
Tuesday Photo Challenge

We had thought we would go for lunch but neither of us was very hungry at the time so we headed to the AGO to see Anthropocene, with limited (read no) knowledge of the topic. We were blown away.


Anthropocene dramatically illustrates how we, individually and collectively, are leaving a human signature on our world.

World-renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky and multiple award-winning filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier have created a powerful series of new photographs, including larg-scale murals augmented by film extensions, film installations and augmented reality (AR) installations, that take us to places we are deeply connected to – but normally never see.

The artists travelled to countries on every continent, save Antarctica, documenting irreversible marks of human activity. Informed by scientific research, powered by aesthetic vision, inspired by a desire to bear witness, they reveal the scale and gravity of our impact on the planet.

These next two were so beautiful.

This reminded me of the Sistine Chapel.

We have reached an unprecedented moment in planetary history. Humans now change the Earth’s systems more than all natural forces combined. This is the central argument of the proposed current geological epoch: the Anthropocene.

The exhibition will also include massive high-resolution photographic murals by Edward Burtynsky – at approximately 10 by 20 feet each – with select film clips, or film extensions, by Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier. These film extensions enhance understanding of context and detail in Burtynsky’s murals, and reference the relationship between mediums in Burtynsky, Baichwal, and de Pencier's larger collaborative work. The murals and film extensions in Anthropocene convey unique and compelling experiences of terraforming, population density, and biodiversity.

The artists will debut three new augmented reality (AR) installations, a new and complex type of image that conveys the most convincing three-dimensionality to date – built from thousands of individual images photogrammetrically mapped onto a virtual volume. 
This immersive technology allows viewers – using a smartphone or tablet with the AVARA app – to move around an object as a kind of virtual sculpture in the gallery space. 
The Avara app did not work on either of our phones nor did I see anyone else using theirs. but there were plenty of iPads available.

Lagos Nigeria

Great Barrier Reef Australia

These installations will present Sudan, the last male northern white rhino until his death in March 2018.

Experiences of confiscated ivory tusks.

And the second-largest Douglas fir tree (known as Big Lonely Doug), at or near actual scale. All three experiences highlight species threatened by extinction due to intensive human activity, another key marker of the Anthropocene. 

I forgot to take a photo but we went to the Members' Lounge and shared a autumn plate of ham, pate and pickles.

For dinner we finished off the au gratin potatoes and ham.

ABC Wednesday Letter P

I was up early and caught the moon, I should have gone onto the balcony to get a clearer photo.

John went shopping for new jeans and I picked up a few more things from Bulk Barn taking advantage of their $3 off $10 coupon deal, I am always going to have a few of their coupons in my purse from now on and work out the better deal,, coupon or 10% of for seniors on Wednesday.

I baked a lemon yogurt breakfast cake to which I added cranberries and used a loaf pan instead of a bundt. Good cake but not as good as the raspberry yogurt that I've made before.

Roast chicken thighs, broccoli and we finished the potato salad.

Thursday Doors

We took the King St. streetcar to Liberty Village.

First stop, lunch, another Spanish tapas place. This definitely comes in first so far on the three we have tried. Quality, quantity and price along with excellent service.

We were stuffed on three plates, unlike the last place where we had five 5 plates!

PATATAS BRAVAS Crispy Confit Potatoes, Lemon Artichoke Aioli, Spicy Romesco, Fried Egg

Much bigger than any tapas plate we've seen.
PULLED PORK TOSTADA Braised Pork Shoulder, Ancho Crema, Avocado Salsa Verde, Apple Fennel Slaw, Chicharrones

These were the bomb! The first place we got four tiny tiny meatballs these were big and tasty.
VEAL BOMBA Stuffed with Mozzarella and Goat Cheese, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Crispy Basil

We then headed over to a gem of a museum, MZTV. 
The Museum’s mandate is to exhibit the world’s most comprehensive collection of North American Television Receivers for the formative fifty-year period from the 1920s to the 1970s. The MZTV Museum also aims to tell the story of the medium and to contribute to the understanding of the impact of television on the people who watch it.

This is just a sampling.

Checking out the neighbourhood.

Liberty Village has a long history as home to industry because of its access to the main downtown lines of the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk (now CN) railways. Until 1858 it was also the site of Toronto’s Industrial Exhibition which later moved south across the rail corridor and is now the Canadian National Exhibition.
The Toronto Carpet Factory (built between 1899 and 1920 by the Hayes family) is a classic example of English Industrial style, with the operational buildings encircling the boiler house.
The Toronto Carpet Factory features a rug mural.

School has the classics on its menu.

This Bud's for you.

Many (most) of the former factories have become multi-use buildings for technology companies, which brings a vibrant air to the neighbourhood.

Some great utility box art.

How good and filling was our lunch? The most we could manage was beans and toast for dinner.

Pull Up a Seat
Weekend Roundup Letter Q!
Weekend Reflections
Weekly Photo Challenge

John did Costco and I picked up steaks for dinner. Then the usual household maintenance activities and the final clearance of the balcony and the plants brought in, we'll see who manages to survive.


Winners College Park Toronto

I got back into the reading groove and finished The Perfect Nanny in an afternoon. I really liked it but have the same reaction as many in that it just abruptly ended, leaving me wondering if my copy had downloaded properly.

I then started on two by the same author. Keep Her Safe on my phone and Woman with a Secret, both a little odd but interesting but I've decided that I'm done with this author!

I've gone back to a tried and true series I enjoy with The Running Girl.


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  1. Great photos...interesting buildings and yummy food. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  2. That looks like a stunning art museum. I have been seeing the term Antrhopocene used more and more -- very meaningful!

    best... mae at

  3. Burtynsky's work is amazing. I recall the exhibit is a joint one with the National Gallery, so I'll have to see it here too.

  4. That exhibition looks really interesting!
    Were you binge watching this year's season of Masterchef Australia?

    I am making a halloween themed raspberry and yoghurt cake this weekend!

    1. Yes, I am binge watching this season of MasterChef Australia!!! But save it for the weekends, up to episode 50 something. Not sure what I will do when it is over, M/C UK??? I've seen M/C Canada already and it isn't as good as AU.

  5. Ok so now I have a pulled pork craving!! And I have some yogurt to use up, so maybe a cake is in our future.

    That Anthropocene exhibit looks amazing. Wow!

    I like the Sara Blaedel books too. They're better in print than on audio.

    1. These were really good pulled pork.
      I don't really like audio, I know you do when you are doing other things. I get frustrated because they go so slowly.

  6. Your posts always make me hungry! Toronto is such a big city, you have so many neat tings to do. I love the art work.


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