Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Feliz Año Nuevo

December 2018 - Mazatlan Mexico


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Being away for a few months is much like being at home, chores still have to be done. Today was laundry, we took it across the street to the "lavandería" or laundry and they wash, iron and fold it. Cost? Yesterday our laundry cost was $4.80 or 70 pesos, which is the minimum. You pay by the weight.

You can just see the place in this photo, it is the LAV over the rusty coloured awning.

Then we walked to Mary's for a burger, the best in our opinion.

Then walked back and stopped in Pancho's to use their wi-fi to load our tablets with some library books.

We went out at 6 PM to meet friends for a drink at their hotel, Pacific Palace. Several drinks later and we strolled home.

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We took the bus to Valentino's and, as usual, the Mazatlan sign was busy.
It was quite cool and overcast all day.

After a breakfast at La Olla it was time to do our New Year's groceries.

Breakfast 70 pesos ($4.86 CDN) 2 eggs, chorizo and potatoes, tortillas and coffee.  We passed on the beans that came with it as well.

Pizza delivery lined up outside Soriana's and our pulmonia for the ride home.

There was a police blockade on the way as both sides of the road had police pulling cars over for checks, causing traffic into town to be backed up.

Groceries away and John settled in for football.

Isabelle, our maid, came to clean. Always cheerful, she realized we didn't have a table on our balcony, no one does, but somehow she found one for us.

The maids are funny, if you put the Do Not Disturb sign up as a way to indicate you don't want your unit cleaned or be disturbed, they will phone and ask if you want your room cleaned!

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Good step day - we did 13K steps for 10 km!

John picked up our laundry. And the couple I mentioned earlier, M and P, came to meet us and we took the bus down to the Shrimp Ladies. This link  will take you to more about the Shrimp Ladies.
Traffic was really busy going into town.

Select your shrimp, we bought a kilo.

Go across the street, hand the uncooked (shells on) shrimp to the server, decide how you'd like them (we chose with garlic), order your beer and sit back.

It will cost 60 pesos or $4.17 CDN for the cooking!

Time to stroll around.
Must be planning a big BBQ for New Year's.

Turns out they hadn't seen Angel Flores, the prettiest street in Mazatlan.
Don't let the street name fool you, it has nothing to do with angels or flowers.

General Ángel Flores was an important military man during the Mexican Revolution, as well as governor of Sinaloa. 
Image result for angel flores

It is suspected that he was assassinated and Álvaro Obregón spoke of him as " the best soldier of the Revolution ".

Click here and see the street back in 2014 and inside one of the homes. There are also some photos of the murals the owner painted.

From there we strolled the very busy Malecon. That section is closed off for NYE and they were setting chairs up along the sidewalk.

M and P were asking about the bridge we could see (click here for photos and some information), known as Ice Box Hill.

The Devil's Gate has an a paint job.

Devil's Cave -- the red gate which you can see from side of the hill near the divers was at one time an escape route for soldiers guarding the ammunition.

Cliff Divers.

We never tire of walking along the Malecon.

Normally this section of beach is deserted except for the oyster sellers, but today he was doing a booming business and had lots of tables set up.

P had really wanted to try the oysters and had just mentioned it three minutes ago to John, when we came upon this vendor! 120 pesos for a dozen.

Hey, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo are here!

So many families enjoying the sunshine!

We boarded the bus, then said our goodbyes to M and P as they "had" to get off at Soriana's to get some red underwear since I had told them about this Mexican tradition.

Back to the condo and we settled in for New Year's Eve and watched the countdown in NYC.

We also watched a movie, Hell or High Water and suddenly realized that we had been in the casino that the characters visited. It is the Route 66 Casino in New Mexico just outside Albuquerque.

The music was written by Nick Cave, who also wrote the theme song to Peaky Blinders!

Click here to see Carol's blog on the new restaurant beside Los Osuna. We've been there a few times already!
Carol also did a post on the laundry ladies that we visited last week with them. We also stopped in Malpica.


Her Husband's Wife was a long and satisfying read as far as the plot went. The writing left a little to be desired but the story carried it.

And that makes 88 books read for 2018.

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  1. I love the coloured houses. Happy New Year, if I haven't said it already.

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  3. Delightful virtual tour, Jackie!
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.

  4. Lovely photos. The burger looks delish


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