Friday, January 11, 2019

Soup of the Day


Six Word Saturday Fashion 

I forgot to mention that yesterday the smoke alarm in our unit started emitting an ear splitting high pitched sound. We assumed the batteries were gone and a bellboy quickly came and took it out. Not yet replaced.

John "caught" this guy as we walked to the pharmacy.

Inspired Sunday Malpica Mexico
One Word Sunday New
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge My Travels

Football from 11 to 6 and then the Golden Globe awards.

Movie Night at El Cid, Jungle Book for the kids.

Foto Tunes Mazatlan Mexico
Monday Mural Madrid Spain

WOW what a nice surprise as I went to link up at Jayne's Monday Morning Blog Club.

A very windy day!

We didn't do much, other than relax and enjoy our books.

We did step out for lunch at Pancho's, quickly becoming a favourite.

Once we ordered, we were served a complimentary stuffed pepper, filled with rice and shrimp. Pancho's always goes out of its way.

My coconut shrimp

John said these were the best ever mixta fajitas.


Copala Mexico

The morning dawned foggy, cleared and then clouded over.

Other than going for groceries we enjoyed our day absorbed in our books!

At Soriana's.

Groceries done, waiting for a pulmonia. We usually take the bus here and then take a pulmonia home.

Why does the bread, fresh made at Soriana's, taste so good???

ABC Wednesday Letter A

A lovely calm morning as I opened our curtains.

We packed up our dirty laundry and took it to be done. Minimum cost $70 pesos for 3 kilos.

A nursery has just popped up.

Burgers for lunch. I showed you the burger last week.

Mary's washrooms and Casita Maria, which I would think is also owned by Mary. Have only heard good things about it.


Ceviche restaurant behind Senor Frog's.

All these items are available over the counter at farmacias here.

Tacos and mescal.

The laundry was ready on our way back at 3 PM.

This walk was 13,362 steps or 10.6 km.

Thursday Doors Mazatlan
A Photo A Week The Great Outdoors

A gorgeous day and we finally sat by the pool until a late lunch.
It's finally relatively quiet, all the holidayers have gone home. Now it mainly the blue rinse western Canadians.

We caught the bus at 4:30.

Plaza Machado getting ready for dinner service.

A new art gallery, we'll check it out at February's Art Walk.

We headed to the Freeman Hotel in hopes of a sunset. Nope.

But a pina colada.

The best we could get. Will get better next week!

The new lighting along the Malecon is fabulous.

Calle Angel Flores.

The other side of Plaza Machado, it's still too early for Mexican (and us) diners, 8 PM is perfect for us to sit down.

We're heading to knock something off our Mexican bucket list. I've always wanted to visit the Teatro Angela Peralta and I happened to see this poster when doing groceries a couple of weeks ago. We had bought tickets last week.

Angela Peralta Castera (Mexico City July 6, 1845 – Mazatlan, August 30, 1883) was a world famous Mexican soprano singer in the nineteenth century, known as “The Mexican Mockingbird” and called in Italy “Angelica di voce e di nome “. She conquered the leading European stages before the age of 20.

Inside the main doors the lobby is open-air.

The show started promptly at 7 and we weren't supposed to take photos.

Help is composed of: Sergio Montero (John Lennon); Paco Montero (George Harrison);Marco Montero (Ringo Starr); Manuel Negrete (Paul McCartney) and Jorge Ceballos as the fifth Beatle.

Its members are also excellent actors who personify each Beatle in costumes and instruments. They did an excellent job o representing the Beatles as they grew.

I found a TV appearance from 2016.

During a costume change this little guy came out and surprised us all.

They present a show based on the work of the Beatles, with several acts: Beatlemania (1963-1966), The Psychedelia (1967-1968), and the End (1968-1969). The final act highlights the Beatles as soloists.

They played until 9 PM and then did an encore.

It was almost 9:30 when we got out of the theatre and rather than go to dinner as planned we hopped into the first pulmonia and came home instead and made sandwiches.

We are moving on Tuesday so the goal is to use as much of the food left so we aren't packing it up.

Pull Up a Seat La Noria Mexico
Weekend Roundup Letter B
Weekend Reflections Mazatlan
Wit's End Weekly Photo Challenge CLOUDY SKIES Mazatlan

We walked over to Chili Pepper's for lunch, John wanted shrimp and he likes their garlic ones. No picture of John's as we posted one a couple of weeks ago.
I had their tuna ceviche, delicious, but way too much cucumber, no worries John ate some.

an appetizer of small pieces of raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice, often with onions, peppers, and spices.

Have I mentioned that I could live on this???

Feel free to add anything else, like tomatoes, watermelon, avocado, orange juice etc.
  1. 1/4 pounds fresh tuna, cut in half inch cubes.
  2. salt, to taste.
  3. 1/4 cups fresh-squeezed lime juice.
  4. 1 cucumber, peeled, seeds removed, diced.
  5. 2 tablespoons chopped red onion.
  6. 1 serrano chili (or to taste), chopped.
  7. 2 tablespoons olive oil.

We walked the beach to Pueblo Bonito and then cut through their lobby to the street. There is a lot of construction and renovation taking place in PB.

Tough view as I write this.

Chicken parmesan for dinner to further reduce our supplies!

And it's a weekend of football!


Wondrous Words Wednesday words from Under the Night

Finished Miss Me When I'm Gone after first abandoning it. I really enjoyed the sections on female country music stars and songs written by one of the characters who is murdered. The central story itself, was good although the pregnant "literary executor" annoyed me with the chances she took. The story took some time to evolve with the pieces coming together finally at the end.

Also finished Under the Night by Alan Glynn. Who wouldn't love a smart drug???  I read the first book in December, Limitless. Really enjoyed both, but both had the same abrupt ending! Waiting for the third in the series!

I loaded a Lydia LaPlante on my phone to read while waiting somewhere.
Blood Line good plot, easy reading.

Almost finished Stalker a part of the Joona Linna series, not loving it as much as the others.

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  1. Oh, wonderful trip, friend ...
    And all the photos is beautiful capture.

  2. I'll look at the videos later. The reptile looks pretty amazing.

  3. I always, always love the colors (I say that every time I comment, I know). The night photos are awesome and the pina colada looks huge. Tacos, fajitas, fresh fish, and gorgeous scenery. Enjoy it all!

  4. All that food looks stunning, but the beach scenes by day & night look "stunning-er"...
    best, mae at

  5. Great shots - I'd love to have some coconut shrimp right how!

  6. The coconut shrimp looks fabulous, Jackie! And the night time shots too :) :) Many thanks for the share.


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