Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Six Word Saturday She's Been Waiting a Long Time

Carol sent a note asking if we wanted to go to El Quelite! Sure!

And I got a present. Carol made me this after I sent her a photo last spring.

Sad update to these previous posts, both peacocks in the photos have died during a storm.

2018 visit
2017 visit
2016 visit.
2015 visit
2014 visit

It doesn't matter how many times we've been here, it is such a pretty town.

John managed this photo from the car, of a sculpture depicting the game of Ulama.

Ulama ([uˈlama]) is a ball game played in a few communities in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Descended from the Aztec version of the Mesoamerican ballgame, the game is one of the oldest continuously played sports in the world and is notable for the fact that it is the oldest known game using a rubber ball.

Ulama de cadera or hip ulama. A hip ulama team consists of five or more players (but there could be as many as twelve) wearing loincloths, with leather hip pads for some protection against the heavy (3 kg, around 7 lb) rubber ball.

It was a super bright morning for photography.

There was more lizard activity on the roof than we normally see here, but really hard to get a photo looking into the sun as we only had our cell phones. I know, gasp, we hadn't brought any cameras on this trip!

Check Carol's post, she got an amazing photo of the lizards.

Carol and I took a stroll around the restaurant, it is always evolving.

Carol and I commented that the photos in this area can never reflect the true warm colours that the dappled sunshine creates.

Getting a coke and chips for John's football game. There is even a doctor's office here.

Blending in.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge CURVES

Carol had sent a note asking if we wanted to go to breakfast and then to the tianguis in La Noria. We had just finished fried eggs for breakfast and football is at 11 this morning so we passed.

I finally finished our 2018 recap.

Carol and Bill picked us up at 6:30 and the traffic into town was crazy. Felt like there were more people out than even over the holidays. Everybody was jockeying for parking along the Malecon.
Even  Plaza Machado was busy.

Such an angel...

Casa Canobbio at Plaza Machado for dinner.

Rib eye for John and flank steak on "peppery" for me. Both were good.

What gringos do as Mexicans watch in amusement. You can hear John saying "they need a leader".

Foto Tunes Mazatlan
Monday Mural Mazatlan

Awoke to an absolutely gorgeous morning.

But as the morning went on it got cloudy and by late afternoon the winds had picked up and there were even a few raindrops.


Packed up and were given big, sincere hugs from Isabelle, our maid.
We checked out of El Cid Marina and took a cab over to Torres Mazatlan.

Our room wasn't ready so we went to the Palapa where we had more hugs from Paco.

I've been thinking of my California club for days. Bacon, ham, chicken, avocado.

Queso fundido with chorizo.

We took advantage of the cloudy day and hopped into a cab and negotiated a price for the driver to wait for us at Walmart while we did groceries, $200 pesos.

But we did get a gorgeous sunset.

ABC Wednesday

Breakfast on the balcony.
We later asked for coffee mugs and got two delivered.

A cool and very windy day so we relaxed and read our books, and John was happy to have a workout facility. The other resort did too, at at $11 US per use he refused to use it!

Thursday Doors Mazatlan
A Photo A Week Vanishing Point

Andrew over at High Riser used some information I had given him to compare our health care system to Australia's.

Donuts, anyone?

We got the bus at noon with a couple from Vancouver BC, their first trip to Mazatlan. We chatted and got off at the market where we pointed out the historical part of town they wanted to visit.

Cutting through the market.

Lunch at the Fish Market.

We shared an order of shrimp.

John had his usual mahi mahi and I ordered pukas.
They were chile releno con camaron y marlin - stuffed peppers with marlin and shrimp, delicious in a soy sauce.

2019 (Feb 27 - Mar 5) Carnaval theme announcement - Equinox, the rebirth of the senses, Equinoccio, el renacer de los sentidos.

This looks like it might have been a Chinese restaurant at one time.

We were heading into Woolworth's a two story department store that sold cosmetics, candy, shoes, clothing, kitchenware and linens along with toys.
Why? I had always been curious if it was any relation to the Woolworth's we knew growing up.

Woolworth Mexicana is a chain of retail variety stores which were founded by the F. W. Woolworth Company of the United States. It became independent in a management buyout by the Mexican executives in 1997 when F.W. Woolworth's went out of business. The company is now part of Grupo Comercial Control a holding company with operations in retailing.
You can get your car washed while you are parked.

Central market from across the street where we rarely walk.

Panama bakery always has great looking cakes.

Bachelorette party

Shrimp ladies

Walking by the flower market.

For sale, would make a cute restaurant.

Interesting building, wonder what it looked like in its heyday?

Onto the bus and home.

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Another cloudy morning, that is three in a row, unusual. But it burned off and became a sunny but very windy day.

A walk on the beach.
It beats -13 C or 9 F at home!

Drinks with Carol and Mark to catch up. Bill should be home tomorrow.

Weekend forecast at home!


Wondrous Words Wednesday

The Perfect Mother, boring, contrived and I just couldn't understand how the women thought it was okay to interfere in the police investigation.

Three Days Missing was a decent read even though it was pretty obvious from the start who the culprit was.

In Search of Rose Notes, I did not like at all and why of why would Nora be bothered staying with Charlotte for all those days when she is so snarky and rude to her. The more I think about this book, a waste of time, the more irritated I am.
I had liked her Miss Me When I'm Gone but...
I also tried The Evening Spider and gave up on that too.

Thank God for another Lynda La Plante book Clean Cut to redeem this week!

Also started The Storm Murders, by John Farrow, a Canadian. So far so good.

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  1. I know I sound like a broken record, but I will NEVER tire of your photos of Mexico -- I adore all the color. I have to say that club sandwich looked really good (not that the other food didn't look good too). Breakfast on the balcony looks lovely. I had Three Days Missing on my list; I wonder if I'll guess the bad guy too. Nice that you had a La Plante book to get your reading back on track.

  2. Carol's lizard photos are very good in difficult circumstances. I wonder how cheap the flowers are. I expect cheap enough to have new flowers often. The comments on what I wrote about the medical systems were interesting and enlightening, I thought. People in the US still come at all from an insurance angle, when that is not what a public health system is all about.

  3. I meant to add, Mexico is rarely in the news here, but sadly it is now after such a tragedy.

  4. John makes a great, if improbable, angel, Jackie :) :) Happy days, you two

  5. John's comment cracked me up. The thing is you need to have a leader in front of you no matter which way you face. lol If I listen to the music I can do a decent version of line dancing.
    I love the colors of the buildings. They're great inspiration for me. I want to paint a wine rack with warm colors like the ones you're living among right now.

  6. What gorgeous photos, so much color and sunshine. I bet it's tough to go back to Canada.
    Bummer about the peacocks. Love the lizards, we have the tiny sort running around our place.
    Yummy yummy food!

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