Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge

Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge ROSE

To get inspiration for this challenge, I searched my external hard drive for the word ROSE, not really expecting much as I would usually just tag photos as "flowers", or so I thought.

This is what appeared.

The ROSE window at a mission in Texas.

A ROSE coloured mural by Emily May ROSE, a Toronto artist.

In 2013 Shear Display was given the opportunity to take part in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche as the installers for “The Rose is Without Why”, by French artist Boris Achour.

The installation featured a custom designed mounting system, and fluorescent tube lights were used to spell out a short poem by 17th-century poet Johannes Scheffler.

The Rose Is Without Why, It Blooms Because It Blooms, It Cares Not For Itself, Asks Not If It Is Seen.

White rose at 9/11 Memorial NYC

Barstow CA

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