Saturday, January 26, 2019


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January 2019 - Mazatlan Mexico

These guys hide in the heat of these old bricks along the sidewalk. They used to startle me!

Often there are some much bigger guys sunning themselves on top. 

Anoles are insectivorous lizards either brown or green.

This one was by the pool. I wouldn't want to unexpectedly step on him!

Both varieties of anole are similar in overall body plan: they are somewhat stocky lizards with blocky heads, and long, lean legs and tails. Both have a dewlap under the chin, used in elaborate territorial displays, though it is usually pink in green anoles and dark red in brown anoles. Green anoles are generally patternless, while brown anoles frequently display dorsal stripes, spots or bars. Both lizard species possess color-changing capabilities, though brown anoles are always some shade of brown -- green anoles can display either brown or green colors.

And how about while you're in the pool???


  1. interesting. I live in Florida and usually see some of these guys around on a hot day!

  2. Well, they do not look like somebody you would like to meet unexpectedly. I love the little thin lizards scuttling on the warm bricks and stones - but these ones are too big I think - how big are they?

  3. Very interesting, and well captured. :)


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