Friday, April 7, 2017

Bacon and Hashtags

April 2017 - On the road Las Vegas to Toronto

Saturday we were in the car at 9:05 AM with a six-hour drive and a loss of one hour. Plus we need pee breaks etc and maybe an attraction or so on the way.

Everything is big in Vegas as we leave! Whether it is liquor or coffee!

Or even teriyaki! John has to get a car wash after all that rain, everyone was getting one.

We cross into Arizona and lose an hour.

I guess we'll papty!


Flagstaff is at 7,400 feet above sea level and the temperature is dropping.

On an impulse we decide to go to Meteor Crater, we've driven by many times. 
It was cool, but at a general admittance fee $18.00 it is a bit lot steep!

Back on the road.

Our resting spot for the night!

So am I the only one scared by this sign, never mind, California Chinese, how about "everything's $1.80" ...

We lost an hour and checked into the Hilton Garden Inn in Gallup NM. We had prepared salads for dinner and really enjoyed our simple meal.
Hotel was standard Garden Inn.

Sunday after our breakfast we were in the car, cold only 22 F, went into Gallup to see what was new.

Click here to go inside the El Rancho Hotel.

Click here for our trip in 2012 driving through Gallup and some other towns.

We ate here in 2012 while staying overnight in Gallup.

We make a stop at the Route 66 Casino. This casino was used in the movie Come Hell or High Water!

Going through Albuquerque. Snow on the mountains, it snowed yesterday and was the coldest since early March. Maybe we do attract the cold weather. 

Town of Moriarty.

This guy is quite comfortable.

New Mexico is just gorgeous!

Lunch was fudge from Cline's Corners, gotta love road trips you can try all kinds of junk.

 Checked into the Hilton Garden Inn in Amarillo Texas and discovered John had lost his phone so we spent time canceling that number and then reactivating our Canadian phones that had been put on vacation mode.

Click here for our 2012 trip covering Amarillo and some towns in Texas that we passed today.

More here including out stay at the Big Texan.

Monday we were a little later getting on the road. Another six-hour drive but we made lots of fun stops.

We went into Amarillo to check out 5th St. Route 66.

This area is certainly diverse! First, we're at the Bug Ranch not to be confused with Cadillac Ranch!

Here's a link to 2013 with Amarillo and Cadillac Ranch.

We've been by Groom TX many times before but never stopped, click here to see it!  Now this was free and I would gladly have paid $18 for this.

December 2012 our stop in Shamrock TX.

Yukon is a city in Canadian County, Oklahoma. Founded in the 1890s, the town was named in reference to a gold rush in Yukon Territory, Canada, at the time.

Our stop for tonight Fort Smith AR at the Doubletree Hilton. We did room service, I had a burger and John, a steak, all good.

Gorgeous lobby.

Tuesday after a great complimentary breakfast we headed out to see the murals in town.

The weather was great for now... A sneak peak of some of the murals as we drove in yesterday. We have some much better photos coming.

It started raining as we got back to the car and then pouring. It was a short driving day - four hours to Memphis.

Click here for more New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma in April 2013.

April 2013 Oklahoma City.

We are booked into the Doubletree Hilton in downtown. Rates were crazy at $245 US so I used some points to bring that down. Parking was $25 as well. We are minutes from Beale St and the Peabody Hotel of which we have fond memories from the early 90s.

Hilton is very good at maintaining history, last year we stayed in several restored buildings by them.

They have installed a facade from the Service Sign Co, John snapped a photo of a photo of the original building.below.

April 2013 Memphis and Nashville. More April 2013.

April 2015 a short trip to Memphis.

A menu from Miss Polly's.

We stop for a beer and soak up some music and sunshine...
Meet Harley, she has her own Facebook page.

Photo doesn't show his piercings, or tartan shorts or multi-coloured socks in his sandals.

We had planned to stop into the Peabody for a drink but the bar was packed. So we went back to our hotel and decided to have dinner there in Friday's.

Watching the news we realize why the hotel is so packed with good looking Black men, they were ministers going to the 49th anniversary of MLK's death.

I ordered my steak medium rare and it came well done. She said, it was her fault and would replace it. John was finished eating before I was served, not a dining experience. There was no offer of any comp.

Wednesday after a good buffet breakfast we were packed and in the car by 8:30 and headed to the site of MLK's murder.

By the time we finish it was 10:45 and the temperature had dropped and it looked like rain.
We changed into our jeans and headed off for a long drive to Cincinnati.

It started raining and continued non-stop with tornado warnings around us and also warnings of ping pong ball sized hailstones.

Our Doubletree Hilton Suites is in Sharonville OH.  Timing wasn't bad, we arrived at 7:30 as we had lost an hour. We did room service, meatloaf for me and brisket for John.

Thursday was a very dark and gloomy day with forecasts of snow. No snow it just rained all day.

A great looking Denny's.

As we cross the bridge, on the American side, we are hit with a $5 US toll!!!

The fog got thicker as we drove east on the 401.

Thought this was cute.

And we were in our place around 5 PM.

No reading done again this week!


Saturday - Gallup salads
Sunday -  Amarillo salads
Monday - Fort Smith room service steak and burger
Tuesday - Memphis Friday's steak sweet potato fries broccoli
Wednesday - Cincinnati room service meat loaf and brisket
Thursday - HOME ordered Swiss Chalet chicken and fries
Friday - spaghetti and meatballs at John's request.


  1. ...signs, signs and more signs, everyone wants to sell you something.

  2. The little doggie in the back window is my favourite of these shots.

  3. I always enjoy traveling virtually with you! I love your eclectic collection of photos, but I'm especially fascinated by the murals. You've inspired me to take a closer look at the murals in small towns around my home. The Bug Ranch gave me a laugh.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  4. So many very cool things to see along the way. I love it -- murals and signs and scenery. I haven't driven cross-country in ages and now I kind of want to. Despite your adventures, you must feel happy to be settled at home for a while.

    1. I'm a gypsy at heart! But I do like to have my kitchen stuff!

  5. We just received a book about Marshall Reeves in the shop, I recognized the photo from the cover.

    1. WOW that's cool. Don't you love when things like that happen?

  6. What great pictures! I've always wanted to drive Route 66!


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