Friday, October 12, 2018

Pizza Toss

October 2018 - Toronto ON


Six Word Saturday

Yet another rainy morning.

As a fan of Banksy I was intrigued by this news story.

I finally found cranberries, it has been impossible to get frozen cranberries and I love baking with them. It's Canadian Thanksgiving so there were plenty of fresh available.
I made this yogurt cake using cranberries instead. Let's just say that it was so good John ate more than half today.

We used points to buy a new toaster, ours was at least ten years old and one of the crumb catchers had broken off and there are always crumbs underneath.
As always I went for a Cusinart, and how cool is the toaster with no levers!

After a rainy day we had this odd hazy sky.

Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Yet another cloudy damp dreary day but it's Sunday so we don't care, nowhere to go, a day to play.

We both played with our hobbies, John practicing his Spanish, me knitting and blogging and both of us watching our current binges. John is working through Boardwalk Empire and I am watching season 10 of MasterChef Australia.
Talk about being gob-smacked, on one episode they used a 3D food printer!

Check out this elimination challenge, challenging enough?

We also prepared one of the vegetable dishes for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner at a family member's place.

In between, household chores got done, John worked out and I cooked that prime rib I got on special. We had it along with homemade gravy, Yorkshire pudding, marrowfat peas, mashed carrots and turnip and mashed and roasted potatoes.

John came across an interesting cookbook and TV series, Salt, Fat, Acid Heat by
Samin Nosrat. You can find it on Netflix and there are numerous videos on YouTube.
But I may need to the book as the illustrations look so beautiful.

Her video on using salt was enlightening.

Pan sear steak

Foto Tunes
Monday Mural

Canadian Thanksgiving. We had prepared one of the vegetable dishes yesterday.
I just had to do the Brussels sprouts as this family gang loves them!
Then I made a pumpkin cheesecake and a lemon cheesecake along with fresh whipped cream.
I didn't manage to get some people in any photo and we were missing some family members.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

Finally sunshine and warm unseasonal temperatures!

A three-day cultural gathering to honour residential school survivors and their families began today at Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto City Hall.


More than 20 teepees that are set up at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto will host programming and drop-in workshops Oct. 9-11.

I still had more of the ingredients from Thanksgiving baking so I made Greek yogurt pumpkin cheesecake mousse, and since it was just us, I didn't make the caramel sauce or top it with more whipped cream!

Dinner was easy, prime rib leftovers and leftover vegetables.

Kammie's Odd Ball Challenge

John golfed, as it was another gorgeous day.

I headed to the Textile Museum, I have a membership so it is easy to just drop in. It is always a quiet place in the midst of the bustling downtown and only steps away from City Hall.

In beadwork, threads create structure and hold beads together, creating a seemingly invisible scaffold. As metaphor and as material, they unite form, design and meaning. Beads, they’re sewn so tight takes up the depths of social and political relations expressed through beadwork, including living traditions, family and community networks – embedded in the visual language of pattern and surface design.

Beads, they're sewn so tight presents the work of artists Bev Koski, Katie Longboat, Jean Marshall and Olivia Whetung, who employ distinct techniques in their approach to using beads and thread. From bead weaving to loom work and bead embroidery, their artwork threads through formal concerns of colour and design attending to critical issues such as language retention, stereotypes and social/environmental injustices for Indigenous people.

This is the Old Dutch Chips Salt & Vinegar, Ketchup, Dill Pickle bags.

Crosscurrents explores ongoing cultural exchanges and interactions between Indigenous people, settler Canadians and newcomers over the last two centuries, and examines shifting identities, intersections and contestations that inform textile expressions alongside the stories of those who make Canada their home. Through collaborations and confrontations, memories, dreams and traditions converge to reveal a dynamic and multi-layered textile landscape: hooked rugs, blankets, quilts, beadwork, basketry and other iconic objects illustrate broad cultural crosscurrents and values that continue to inspire new generations of textile practitioners.

I also checked out the Japanese store Muji, a minimalist Japanese retailer with a wide range of generic products, including apparel & home goods.
I was especially impressed with their women's clothing, so soft and great prices.

They also carry some food items.

I came across a recipe for yogurt bark on Twitter from Tasty. So I whipped it up in about five minutes.
It turns out there are dozens of variations on this. The first video was yogurt (check, had bought extra in case of...) honey, granola (had some from a gluten free fair that we hated) threw in some dried pineapple (no idea why I bought it) topped it with a swirl of honey.

John took some photos of the fall colours on the golf course.

Thursday Doors
A Photo a Week

We had plans to meet after John's class once he had seen the display at City Hall that I showed above.

But the winds had picked up and the temperature was dropping that didn't encourage our outing to Liberty Village. So we opted for pizza at Libretto, some wine, coffee and home.

Weekend Roundup
Weekend Reflections

Pull Up a Seat

My BFF and I headed to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) to see a couple of exhibits.

Click here for a more detailed post on the exhibit.

Rebecca Belmore is one of the most important contemporary artists working along the border of art and politics today. Her poetic and beautiful works respond to the pressing issues of our time, including water and land rights, women’s lives and dignity, violence against Indigenous people by the state and police, and the role of the artist in contemporary life.

Rebecca Belmore: Facing the Monumental explores the artist’s lifelong commitment to the relation of politics and beauty in art, often expressed using natural materials, and the human form.

Here is the exhibit overview in thirty seconds!

We then headed for a delicious lunch, cheese platter and smoked salmon.

From there we wanted to see the World War I photography.

The First World War is recognized as a period of mass violence and destruction, but also as a beginning. The war ushered in technological innovation, mechanizing and recording war in ways previously impossible. The growing pervasiveness of photography resulted in a conflict well-documented by military officials, press agencies, and amateurs alike.

These albums were from German, British, Canadian, French and Russian soldiers, most were unnamed photographers. It was amazing that so many were saved.

Adjacent to the main display, the McEwen Gallery there was a showcase of works by Australian war photographer James Francis “Frank” Hurley (1885–1962), who was on official assignment throughout World War I. His album Australian Units on the Western Front (1916–1918) presents a series of compelling photographs, each offering views of different aspects of life on the Front. Soldiers, in action and at ease, are pictured, as well as the grimmer realities of war: casualties, scorched landscapes, and destroyed architecture. The album—disassembled for the exhibition—highlights Hurley’s skill as a photographer and features a rich breadth of imagery.

I didn't take any photos of his work as the lighting was reflecting onto them.

I found some online.

We then wandered into a gallery that had priceless paintings that are part of the AGO collection, we are so lucky to have these available.

One of Monet's, Étretat, L'Aiguille et la Porte d'Aval

Two of James Tissot's 
La Demoiselle de magasin

The Convalescent

Reminder - December Challenge


Elora ON

I started Full Disclosure, NOT the Stormy Daniels book of the same title, written by a former female chief justice of Canada.

I also came across another cookbook that I would like to look at Sydney to Seoul, recipes from John Torode's travels.


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  1. The Toronto Textile Museum is really wonderful — some time ago I saw a great exhibit there about the history and uses of indigo dye, and I really learned a lot. You show that they still do really good things!

    best... mae at

  2. First -- hahahahahaha on your comment about Toronto. I wondered if you had heard of Matheson. SO much good in this post. I too trust Cuisinart; that toaster does look cool. Salt, Fat, Acid Heat -- I have that in my Netflix queue and can't wait to watch it. The beadwork, quilting, textiles, teepees, festivities -- WOW! And happy late Thanksgiving. I bet that WWI photography exhibit was fascinating. Great week!

  3. Those teepees are quite a sight to see.

  4. So many amazing photos in today's post! As a quilter I loved the quilt and other textile exhibits. But then the teepees caught my eye, too. I always enjoy your pictures of food. Looks like you're having a wonderful autumn with lots to do in Toronto.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features sculpture.

  5. What a great share this week. Love the yogurt pie- so easy and very interested in the cooking video- might even get the cookbook and love the teepees- great post - thanks See you next week at Weekend Cooking!!

  6. Another great week for you guys. I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving.
    So sorry you couldn't make the link up last week. I'm unsure as to why it didn't work for you?

    Hope to see you tomorrow! #MMBC

  7. What an interesting exhibition - and the tomato paste cracked me up!

  8. Another busy week for you. All that talk of food has made me hungry. The textile museum looks very interesting.


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