Saturday, October 20, 2018


2015 - Adelaide Australia

October 2018 - Toronto ON


In case you missed it, I had updated last week's post with a link to more Rebecca Belmore.
I also forgot to mention that I had a light-bulb moment talking to another short friend, when I was bemoaning the fact that I can't find pajamas with shorter legs. She mentioned she gets them shortened (for free at a cleaner where she used to work), I said I wouldn't pay and then I thought why not shorten them myself, DUH!! So I did and also did a top that had too long sleeves.

It was a pajama day and I even had to turn the heat on for a while. We both enjoyed our usual past times and dinner was an uninspired chicken stew based on what we had in the house.

Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday
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Another relaxing day at home. Dinner was mashed carrots and potatoes and ground beef with homemade sauce and it was amazingly good.

Foto Tunes
Monday Mural

Glad I don't have to go to work on a cold, rainy Monday morning!

John cancelled our contract (expiring in November) for our landline.

Other than the usual chores, I only went to Longo's as they had another BOGO sale, so I picked up the ground beef and a pork belly for dinner.

There weren't any cauliflowers and when I asked the manager said they had a delivery problem, so I managed to grab the last cauliflower rice, pricey at 4.99 but I wanted rice. I had to laugh though, its label proudly boasted it was gluten free, well, duh, the only ingredient is cauliflower as the other side of the label says.

Pork belly with cauliflower rice with ginger and soy. This "rice" is my current addiction.

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John headed out to class and it was 2 C or 36 F!! He met me at Longo's as I wanted more of the BOGO so we got two more packages of beef.
And shrimp!

I again made the cauliflower rice and tried a new recipe General Tao's chicken thighs

ABC Wednesday

We went to lunch at the Queen Mother on Queen St. West. It has always been on my radar as a go-to place in Toronto, but somehow we had never gone.

The Queen Mother Café opened its doors on October 26, 1978, when two lawyers, Andre Rosenbaum and David Stearn, and a photographer, Anique Rosenbaum, Andre’s sister, opened a small café that they hoped would become a cozy social hub for the creative neighborhood in which they also lived.

A few days before the restaurant was set to open, the owners still had to settle on a name. As part of the “boho chic” decor of salvaged bric a brac, a large vintage black and white photograph of the Queen Mother that someone had discarded was being hung on the wall. In trying to find the perfect spot for this picture, the moniker for their establishment came to them. The royal title encapsulated the idea of the welcoming local spot that they were seeking to create for themselves and their friends in the community – a home away from home. And so the “Queen Mother”, the doting mother of Queen West, was christened.

We easily got a table just before noon but it soon filled up, with arty types from the CityTV building and other software companies along with lawyer types from the Courthouse. The prices were great as was the service. 
There are lots of gluten free options on the menu.

John had the pad Thai and I had the calamari and both were good.

I showed the new mural replacing a loved Elicser mural at CityTV. We dropped by to see the progress and it is almost finished.

And then we headed to the Princess of Wales theatre to see Ain't Too Proud, which will be heading to Broadway next spring.

We were in a box, just two seats, perfect.

Anyone in Toronto must go see this! Everything is fantastic about it, the acting, the singing, the dancing, the sets, the costumes, the music!!!!

I made clam chowder for dinner.

Thursday Doors
A Photo A Week

It has gotten cold, cold enough, for my fall puffy coat. Met my BFF and we debated what to do and settled on shopping at College Park. We scored big at Winners and spent some time in there until we had smoked meat sandwiches for lunch.

The Christmas (and Halloween) decorations were out. They had some great snow globes.

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It's been a quiet week without many outings or photos, happens sometimes.

I had to return a couple of shirts I bought for John yesterday and then went to the Bulk Barn to get flour so I can do some baking on this forecasted rainy weekend.

John managed to get a golf game in.

It's Friday, so it is steak, baked potato and broccoli.


2015 - Barossa Valley Australia

Not much reading again this week, I'm half-heartedly trying to finish Full Disclosure.


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  1. Hi Jackie,
    I love reading your posts- you share such interesting places, food, and things. I am overly passionate about cauliflower rice and use it in and with everything. I am lucky to be able to get organic riced cauliflower for $1.99 at Trader Joe's. See you next week!

    1. You're killing me at 1.99, but then that would be 2.60 Canadian, still a great price. Just did a price check around and found a slighter smaller frozen version for 3.99.

  2. What gorgeous sunsets you're having. Wow! It's cold here too, especially at night, but we haven't turned on the central heat yet. (I have a space heater in my office.) I love the look of the Queen Mother Cafe -- esp. that ceiling fixture. And SNOW GLOBES? I'm not ready for Christmas!!!

  3. Your posts about food always make me hungry. My husband does the cooking at our house (lucky me!) but he isn't as fond of vegetables as I am. You inspire me to add veggies to our menus just for myself. LOVE the snow globe photos, too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  4. Your skies are beautiful. It's too early for Christmas stuff in stores, though I've noticed that hasn't stopped the Bay from putting out a few items.

  5. A pyjama day sounds perfect to me! I've just slipped into mine after a nice walk over the fields.
    Those snow globes are beautiful, I can't wait to get the decorations out!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Hope you and John have had a lovely weekend. :)

  6. Love the tin ceiling in the Queen Mother Cafe! Also enjoy all the sky photos! Have a great week!


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