Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday Treasures

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

March 2013 - Clarkdale AZ

We rode the Verde Canyon train from Clarkdale. The train station was the bustling hub of every small town and this attraction does a great job recreating that daily life with a modern twist. There are several fast food venues, a wine shop and a museum.

This four-hour excursion takes you on a 20-mile journey through 100 years of history. FP7 locomotives, two of only 10 remaining in North America, are the muscle that pulls the renovated consist of cars.

We chose first-class passage, accommodating fewer passengers than coach, includes spacious living room-style seating near panoramic windows. Other amenities include a champagne toast upon boarding, full-service cash-bars presenting premium liquors, service at your seat and a variety of complimentary appetizers.

All cars access open-air viewing cars equipped with shaded canopies. Outdoor attendants well-versed in the canyon’s history, geology and wildlife share highlights and answer your questions. Being outdoors brings you face to face with the sounds and sights of the high desert that characterizes the Canyon. Access to open-air viewing cars and narration are elite amenities which make the experience of our train unlike any other.


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  2. I'll have to share your post with my brother. He lives in AZ. I wonder if he's heard of this trip.

  3. Oh, my, I so would love this ride and love what you have shown. I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I would have.

  4. Jackie, yet another area that I haven't seen. The southwest has so many natural treasures. I hope that your vacation is going well, stop back again.

  5. ...trains have such appeal, I wonder is this will continue with younger people. Thanks Jackie for sharing, have a wonderful week.

  6. We didn't do this when we lived in AZ...looks like we missed out on an interesting excursion!


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