Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekend Cooking

August 2016 - Toronto ON

This is where  I recap our week featuring what we ate!

Saturday the wedding celebrations continued up north at a resort. Breakfast was included and we started the morning chatting with family members who then all dispersed to enjoy various activities. The bride and groom off with their wedding parties. The groom's father to finish his speech. And all the various "kids" to either sleep more or engage in outdoor activities. John and I decided to explore the area. We headed to Lakefield.

Then into Peterborough, but just for a while as it was too hot.

We chose to head back to the resort for a cold beer and sitting on the balcony.

Time to get ready!!!!

Click here for amazing photos of the wedding taken by Derrel Hoshing. Here's a sample.

Fantastic wedding!

Let me just say we have one of the most fantastic blended families ever! My niece took this photo.

Cocktail Hour - back to my photos.

Dinner forgot a photo of the gorgeous salad!

And the dancing begins.

Sunday was a long drive home and was then spent relaxing.

Monday John golfed and I just went out for some groceries. I took this shot while waiting for the shuttle and enjoying the music at Union Station.

We   I wanted to see the murals on Islington that I had passed by whenever I went to the office in Mississauga. So we headed there with a stop at a church, my patient driver, humouring me as I wander the graveyard.

The murals - 25 of them depicting the history of Islington. Click here to view a whole plethora of photos!!!.

Then it was time to do a Costco run and a Weston Bakery run.

Wednesday is John's weekly men's league golf game. I picked up some vegetables for today and tomorrow. And look who I saw!!

Thursday - we went out to lunch at Her Father's Cider Bar and Kitchen. Now that John is gluten intolerant he is trying ciders as an alternative to beer. This was the perfect place, with 80 ciders on order. They had 12 on tap.

They got drier as you went from right to left.

Mine, in front, a Shiny Pinot Noir. Delicious.

Birthday dinner for my nephew and his dad. Here he is with John at the wedding.


Saturday - Wedding!
Sunday - corn on the cob and fresh bread picked up on our way home
Monday - roast pork, mashed carrots parsnips potatoes and brussel sprouts
Tuesday - sweet and sour meatballs with corn on the cob
Wednesday - moo shu pork (again, this week, at John's request)
Thursday - sticky chicken garlic mushroom quinoa Asian salad and broccoli
Friday - Montreal family

I  haven't mentioned what I've been reading the last couple of weeks. I did two sad WWII books, The Book Thief and The Lost Wife. I followed that by a funny and much needed The Rosie Project. 
I just finished Under the Visible Life

Recent movies were Remember  again Nazis. Our Brand is Crisis very intriguing look into the "making of a leader".

Photo Friday.

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  1. The food looks good but the wedding photos are wonderful.

  2. Adopt me! I will be willing to drive you around anywhere! Lol What great photos, you both look wonderful & what a fun wedding.

  3. What a fun wedding! So often all the pictures for weddings are stiff and awkward but everyone looks like they're having such a good time! And the food! The cider bar also looks like lots of fun. I'm with you on the cemetery strolling. I can spend hours in one - especially if it's an old one.

  4. You guys dress up nicely! Looks like a fantastic celebration and all kind of yummy food. I wish we had a cider bar here -- I find dry cider to be the perfect summer drink. I love those murals! I'm glad you got some shots to share with us.

    1. Thanks, Beth, it was fun to get dressed up despite the heat. The cider bar was amazing, even though it had quite a small food menu.

  5. Beautiful photos, as always. Your pictures of food make me hungry, and that cider looks yummy. Looks like a beautiful setting for the wedding.
    I almost always have my camera with me, though my cell phone has been called into action in a pinch. I agree with your header: If I can't take my camera, I'm not going!

  6. What a beautiful place to have a wedding! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  7. I'm going to check out moo shu pork. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  8. I absolutely love the pictures of the murals. They look great. The wedding looked like fun as well!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the shot on the water. Looks precarious, but great poses.

  10. It looks like such a beautiful wedding celebration and I love your husband's shirt and tie.

  11. It looks like you enjoyed yourselves at the wedding.

  12. LOVE the wedding party on the water. That is such an original image. It really captures the celebration mood that is supposed to be a part of a wedding.


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