Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend Cooking

 August 2016 - Toronto ON

The weekend passed in a blur. Monday was a civic holiday and we headed out to find Corktown Common.

Here's a photo from the party a couple of weeks ago with all of us that I just received.

A new jewel in the landscape of the West Don Lands, Corktown Common is a 7.3 hectare (18 acre) park located at the foot of Lower River Street and Bayview Avenue.

You'll have to come back on Monday to see more of these intriguing sculptures along with Corktown Common.

We stopped and had brunch at the Dominion Pub, right up the street on Queen St. W. Perfect patio weather. No idea why John's phone is on fisheye.

Monday will also show another Elicser mural we found.

Tuesday John played golf at Royal Ontario and I went downtown with the idea to get a birthday gift (shush!!) for my cousin at the AGO. However, the subway wasn't running at Union Station so instead I walked to City Hall to renew my library card.

Then I went looking for some more brains, my brain fetish as John calls it. In case you don't know about it click below for links to some brainy ideas.

A Brainy Idea - City Hall 19 to date
Brain Wave - Distillery District 7 to date
Brainstorm - Union Station 5 to date
Racking Brains - Big Business 5 to date

Here's a brain teaser of one at City Hall.

Wednesday I did go to the AGO, renewed my membership, got a birthday gift and saw the Lawren Harris exhibit.

From the AGO website:


A founding member of the Group of Seven and a major figure in the history of twentieth-century Canadian art, Lawren Harris (1885-1970) remains largely unknown in the United States. This year the AGO is partnering with the Hammer Museum to introduce Harris’s iconic landscapes to audiences in Los Angeles and Boston. The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris will be the first major solo exhibition of his work to be shown in the United States, and will arrive in Toronto in July of 2016.

The exhibition is curated by comedian, musician, actor and writer Steve Martin in collaboration with Cynthia Burlingham, Deputy Director, Curatorial Affairs at the Hammer Museum, and Andrew Hunter, Fredrik S. Eaton Curator of Canadian Art at the AGO.

 Harris also liked to write poetry.

Food truck on University.

Thursday was August Coffee Club at the condo.

Then John and I walked to a spot on the lake for a poutine.

Friday John golfed early (8:00 AM) as a result I was up at 6:45 when he left. House cleaning. laundry and I headed downtown on the 10:30 shuttle.

I walked underground from Union Station and came out at the St. Andrew subway station where I got a great reflection. Following this map  I walked along King to John St. up to Richmond and over to Spadina, down to King and headed back above ground to Union Station for 1:00 shuttle home. That was about 9,000 steps.

Plans were to stop by the Royal Alex to see the big red chair but they were running a contest for tickets so I only got it from the side.

It is hot out! 29 C or 84 F which doesn't sound that hot, but the sun was beaming down.

A couple of food trucks on King St getting ready for the noon time service.

Into Marshall's, Michael's and Linen Chest - leaving empty handed. Dollar store some items, nothing exciting. Bulk Barn for quinoa and gluten free flour.

Saturday - sticky chicken thighs with kale salad and feta
Sunday - ham, cauliflower and potato au gratin and braised red cabbage
Monday - roast chicken, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes

Tuesday - chicken pot pie with last night's chicken
Wednesday - turkey stuffed green peppers

Thursday - NEW balsamic honey and mustard pork chops with colcannon.
Recipe was ok but will not make it into My Recipe Box. I did use homemade blueberry/blackberry jam that I made on the weekend.
Friday - steak and NEW potato salad. I've made lots of potato salads but never used the blender for the dressing. Definite keeper!!

Photo Friday.

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  1. What an interesting collection of shots! Love the sculptures...and the food shots. Thanks for sharing. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. I've always loved Lawren Harris' work. It's good that he got exposure to Americans through this show, and now again at AGO.

  3. You always get out and about to so many interesting places. Is Sushiburri some Japanese/Mexican blend? I really want to try a poutine one day.

  4. I love that you share your outings with us. Love the sculptures and the food looks amazing.

  5. I haven't heard of Harris but I love what I see here. I'll definitely have to find out more about him. The sculptures are so unusual and I can definitely understand your brain fascination. They're so interesting! And all the food trucks look tasty. I want to try them all!

  6. You always have the best outings and pictures capturing what you see and eat. ;-) I love all of the art and sculpture you you have available there too.

  7. The sculptures at the top are super. What a great installation. I had no idea Steve Martin was involved in the art world -- I know he is a musician and author as well as actor and comedian. I guess he can do *everything*! Love the sunset photo too.

    Lucky you to have access to so many food trucks. And I'm going to check out that potato salad recipe.

  8. Sculpture is my favorite art form (I'll be back on Monday to see more), though I did enjoy your photos of the Lawren Harris paintings too. Your food photos always make me hungry! Looks like you had a busy and interesting week.

  9. I love those state of the art food trucks and that Steve Martin is curating such a cool artist. I dig all those lively house paintings, so vidid and happy. The fisheye food photos look great. My guest cat is intrigued by the Jay's baseball brain.

  10. Nice food and art!

    best... mae at

  11. What a fun (and yummy!) weekend! And I love the brain!


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