Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekend Cooking

August 2016 - Toronto ON

Saturday, another gorgeous hot day. We stepped out to the Humber Bay Waterfront festival.

They moved the Farmers' Market from the parking lot to the street for today. Perfect for me to pick up fresh parsnips, beets, broccoli, tomatoes and a yellow watermelon.

Always something available to eat.

Looking east to our building.

Looking centre towards downtown.

Looking west - all three photos taken from the same spot.

 Some of our finest exercising their horses.

Definitely a day for gelato!


A great performance by Nadia Stone.

Too cute!

Refilling their bottles, cycle patrol is thirsty work.

Sunday was truly a day of rest, reading, blogging and Olympic watching.

Yellow melon we bought at the market.

Monday John golfed and I happened upon a brain at the foot of the CN Tower. I could not believe the lineups for the Tower and the Aquarium next door, craziness!!!

Another brain! Click here for more brains this week.

Tuesday out with my BFF for lunch and some exploring along Harbourfront. A hot but pleasant day. Seems we are in for a lengthy hot weather alert.

Fish tacos.

 Click here for more Harbourfront sights.

Dinner was at my BIL where we had a delightful dinner with my niece and nephew along with their Dad and his partner.

Wednesday John and I went shopping for a wedding later this month, John wanted a new shirt and tie and also added cool socks and a pocket square. Check out the socks, I'll bet you're very curious what he is going to be wearing them with!!

We then found a couple of brains and had lunch at Union Station, tacos for John and lobster roll for me.
Entertainment at Union food court - not your average, only trendy restaurants from around town.

John headed home to go play golf and I renewed my membership at the ROM and found a church that was open and another brain!! Church will be shown on Sunday and there will be another Brain post next week.

Found a brain at the Gardiner Ceramics Museum. This head sits outside the museum.

 And from the press release:
The Gardiner Museum has unveiled a striking new take on a rock garden framing the building’s front entrance on Queen’s Park. The Vertical Crevice Garden, designed and donated by landscape architect, Neil Turnbull, takes its name from the upward slanting slabs of sedimentary rock dotted with mosses, alpine and dry-land perennials, ferns, and trees in stunted Bonsai form.

Across the street the ROM where I saw the Chihuly exhibit a few weeks ago.

It was too hot to be downtown so I came home to the AC. This is what it looks like for the rest of the week. If we get that rain it would be amazing as we haven't had rain in so long! And better this Saturday then next when the wedding is.

Toronto braces for worst heat wave of the summer

The Globe and Mail · 14 hours ago
The next three days will feel warmer than 40 C, thanks to humidity. Even the trains are impacted. GO Transit has put its trains under a "slow order" due to the heat, adding several minutes to trips on the system. Temperatures as high as those facing ...
Being an equal opportunity blogger I have posted in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

And a birthday gift from my BFF!! Too heavy to carry when we met up so the husbands exchange stuff for us when they golf weekly.

She also sent my new shoes which she picked up for me since my store didn't have my size and I so wanted them for the wedding!!

Couldn't take a photo on a table - bad luck!! My mother always said that!!
According to Irish superstition it’s bad luck to put new shoes on the table.
While the origin of this superstition is unknown, one version says putting new, unused shoes on a table is bad luck because new shoes were traditionally put on the dead while they laid on a table. Therefore, putting new shoes on the table could bring about bad luck or death.

Thursday John and I went to High Park for breakfast and to get some photos (for the Letter H next week's Friday Finds).
Click here for the full post.

We saw gardens.

And toured Colborne Lodge.

And the zoo!!

Friday was an early morning for John, golfing! I worked on this post and High Park, did laundry, cleaned house.
Then we went to the market to get food for the weekend. Hoping for some rain!

Some cider labels from the LCBO. Check out their amazing recipes and photography. Download their app.




Saturday - hamburgers with last night's potato salad
Sunday - roast chicken, roast potatoes, mashed carrots and parsnips, roast tomatoes and homemade pickled beets.

Monday - chicken divan from last night's chicken with beets and feta salad.
Tuesday - Family BBQ at BIL. Chicken fajitas and tacos
Wednesday - steak, baked potato and broccoli
Thursday - sticky chicken (because John asked for it), honey ginger carrots, roasted tomatoes (because they need to be eaten) and quinoa.

Friday - lamb shepherd's pie  with mashed potatoes with carrots and parsnips.

Shepherd's pie in progress, waiting for the corn and peas and then topped with the mashed carrot parsnip potatoes which will then be crowned with cheddar cheese.

Photo Friday.

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  1. What gorgeous pictures, and how fun to have a Chihuly exhibit in town!

  2. the festival looks like a lot of fun. Mango ice cream looks delicious as do those pies.

  3. All those pies have me feeling hungry!

  4. Have a great week, Jackie. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. Oh what lovely pies! Good job on more brains. It's been so miserably hot here I have hardly gone outside. We're about 10 degrees hotter than you are. Loved the three views from one spot. And lucky you on the cookbook and I love your new shoes. I didn't know the superstition of putting new shoes on a table.

  6. You have so much going one, wow! I love the festivals and the pies. Those socks rock!

  7. What a great weekend! My son saw your picture of the Bouncy House and asked if we could go there!

  8. Looks like you guys had a great time. Those fish tacos and all those fresh fruits are making my mouth water- and I just finished eating lunch!
    Thanks for sharing.


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