Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Finds

1. Starts with G
2. Week's Favorite
3. Wheels

The first two will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second can be a favorite image or activity from the week. The third will be different each time.
Friday Finds

ABC Wednesday

August 2016 - Toronto ON

Starts with G
Gardiner Expressway 

It runs right below our condo, and is a great source of entertainment for us as we watch people commuting to and from work often stuck in traffic.
Heading to the suburbs. Gridlock!

The Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway, commonly known as the Gardiner Expressway or simply the Gardiner, is a municipal expressway serving traffic in downtown Toronto. Running close to the shore of Lake Ontario, it extends from the foot of the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) in the east, just past the mouth of the Don River, to the junction of Highway 427 and the Queen Elizabeth Way(QEW) in the west. East of Dufferin Street, the roadway is elevated, running above Lake Shore Boulevard east of Bathurst Street. It originally ended at Leslie Street to the east. This part was demolished in 2001.

Blue marks are where the traffic cameras are located.

If you have the time here is a video of the drive from one end to the other. You can wave at us as you go by.

Driving east at sunset on the Gardiner.

Looking down on the Gardiner from the CN Tower.

Gardiner going west from the CN Tower, our building is just behind that white bridge in the distance.

Arriving from the west approaching the city.

Running through downtown.

Frederick Goldwin Gardiner, chairman of Metro Toronto, was instrumental in the construction of the elevated arterial road that bears his name, the Don Valley Parkway and the controversial Spadina Expressway. Unusually, Toronto's lake-front highway was named while Gardiner was still in office in 1957. Known for his aggressive, "get it done" attitude, Gardiner was a perennial source of great quotes, including: "Smile and the world smiles with you. Tax and you tax alone" and "The only symphony I understand is the one played on a cash register."

WEEK'S FAVOURITE - spotted in First Canadian Place head office for Bank of Montreal in downtown Toronto. The bank has set up a large screen for Olympics watching and provided loungers with fancy beach themed cushions.
Lots of Olympics watching here at home too.

WHEELS - taken on Saturday at the Waterfront Festival.

Taken on Tuesday at Harbourfront.

A is for Adelaide St
B is for Bloor St
C is for Chechalk Lane
D is for Dundas St and Square
E is for Exhibition Place
F is for Front St 
G is for Gardiner Expressway


  1. May doesn't that gridlock look like fun. Your favorite sure is a grand space. So many wheels.

  2. The view from the tower is exceptional! It's been a long time since I've been up there.

    Lots of places here have the Olympics running on screens at the moment.

  3. While the Expressway is useful to quickly get to and leave the city, when it is not clogged with traffic, there was talk of it being demolished. Any verdict on this yet?

    1. They continue to talk about it and do continuous repairs at the same time, so who knows??

  4. Great article on the Gardiner. Enjoyed the ride thru the city from the 427.

  5. Hi,
    Great shots. Thanks for sharing the tour. Love the shot of
    the view from the tower. Have a great day!

  6. Gardiner reminds me of Interstate 4 in Orlando, FL...gridlock at certain times of the day. Great shots of it. Thanks for the post.

  7. Great pictures and interpretations for Friday's Hunt. I always enjoy seeing your photos of Toronto.

  8. I love seeing your city pictures. They amaze me here on my little farm. Pretty sure I wouldn't do well with all those people though. Love that first shot for wheels! I have not had much time to watch the Olympics. Thank you so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

  9. Gridlock or traffic jams, as we call them in the UK, are sadly an every day ocurrence,
    We have the morning rush, including the school rush, then, the mid to early evening rush, another school returning home rush, also the return home from work rush.
    For a small island England has far too many cars on the road and not enough roads to convey them all. Crazy to see parent taking their children to school yet they on live a short walking distance away.
    I enjoyed reading about your roads and such splendid view over the city.
    Thanks for sharing part of your life with us, so interesting.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  10. GRIDLOCK, the WORST, and I've experienced it leaving Toronto on a Friday at 3 pm in 2011


  11. Wonderful photo's of a place worth visiting .... good choices for G also, although Gridlock is not a fun experience
    Thank you for taking me on a trip to an unknown part of the world

    Have a nice ABC-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)


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