Friday, August 19, 2016

Brain Power

Summer 2016 - Toronto ON

I'm continuing my Brain Project.
Brainstorm - Union Station  5 
Brain Teaser -  9
Brain Power - 6


Brains found this week.

FCP - 3

There are more brains under Racking Brains from FCP. These have been added recently.

The Age of Enlightenment is an interactive brain installation that allows the visualization of functional sensory pathways excited by visual and auditory stimuli. Playing with light and sound, artists Ninat Friedland and Avrum Hollinger excite the senses of viewers – and their brains – making visible the regions involved in the processing of these phenomena. Inspired by MRI studies and evolving research in aging and neuroscience, the artists illuminate connection and disconnect in the changing brain.

Jeffrey Forrest - Rooted in the concept of material memory, Brain 5.3 is the product of extensive experimentation in blown glass. The final form and texture of the piece is the result of a unique process involving the iterative reworking of the primary glass gather. The glass brain is consistent in its overall shape, but increasingly complex in its textural appearance. The final piece is the direct and unique result of the manufacturing process, which traces the history of its formation. A very special thank you to the Harbourfront Centre and their resident glass artists Kristian Spreen and Silvia Taylor for their help.

Adria de Haume designed an ABS plastic, electrified brain with an outer shell painted in vivid International Klein Blue as an homage to renowned French artist Yves Klein, who inspired her piece. Perforated sections reveal various views of the inner brain, painted, collaged and paved in rhinestones, beads, crystals, diamond dust and mixed media. The interior was inspired by XDF photos of the cosmos assembled over 10 years from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope. A battery-pack light strip embedded on the interior illuminates the brain, recalling radiant galaxies.


Inspired by the essential expression and rhythmic beauty of Bulgari’s Divas’ Dream collection, Pascale Girardin created Illumnation, a sculpture that combines the richness and elegance of the Maison’s heritage. Each ceramic element has been carefully handcrafted and glazed in rich tones of emerald green and soft white, paying homage to Italy’s famous floral gardens. Accents of jewelled lustre and opalescence add a poetic touch to this piece, equally underlining the important value of brain research advancement.


Remembering the Sky was created in honour of Robert Marchessault’s father, Dr. Robert H. Marchessault, who died in September 2015 after battling Alzheimer’s disease. In his final months, Dr. Marchessault had quiet periods where he would stare out the window at the sky. The artist didn’t know what his father was feeling or thinking, because the disease robbed him of the ability to say many words. The image of the blue sky and clouds mapped onto the brain is Robert Marchessault’s attempt to connect with his father’s very personal final journey.

Four Seasons Hotel Yorkville

Interesting description by the artist Mr. Brainwash...

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