Friday, August 19, 2016

British Isles Friday

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April 2007 - Bloody Foreland Donegal Ireland 

One of our drives from our base in Ramelton.

A fascinating name for a place.

From Wikipedia
Bloody Foreland or “Cnoc Fola” (The Hill of Blood) derives its name from the evening sun which illuminates the rocks along this section of the coast to a rich red hue. In the autumn months, too, a thick covering of fern enflames the hillside with a russet-red-brown colouring. Bloody Foreland has no background in factual history to warrant the title “bloody”, although folklore records that one particularly unlikable warlord “Balor of the Evil Eye” was eventually slain by his grandson Lugh Lámh Fhada on the slopes of Cnoc Fola. Indeed some say that the tide of blood which flowed from Balor’s evil eye stained the hillside and gave it its name.

A pretty common occurrence in Ireland.

Sheep captivate me.

I love taking pictures of all the pubs! I don't mind dropping in for a pint either.

I first traveled to England with my Mom in 1960

My parents took us back as a family in 1970.

John and I first went together in 1986 to London.

Continuing 1986 with Oxford and Stratford.

Ireland 1991 Part 1 Dublin

Ireland 1991 Part 2 Around Ireland

Ireland 1991 Part 3 Around Ireland

London 2005 with family

Ireland Part 1 2005 Ballyvaughan Aran Islands

Ireland Part 2 2005 Ballyvaughan Dunguaire Castle, Galway

Ireland Part 3 2005 Burren Bunratty Castle Aillwee Caves Lahinch

Ireland Part 4 2005 Dingle Kinsale Inch

Ireland Part 5 2005 Killarney Limerick Ashford

Ireland Part 6 2005 Dublin

Ireland 2001 Ballybunion

1987 London

2001 Scotland

2007 Belfast Northern Ireland

2007 Derry Northern Ireland


  1. Now I surely did enjoy looking at those photos. I also love sheep and the wildness of the photos you posted. Give me a little place by the water in a rural area, waling distance to a pub and I will be a happy camper.

    We stayed at this little place near Kinegad on a canal back in 2007. The people who owned the cottage rental also owned boats and you could rent them and take a tour of the canals. It looked like a wonderful business. We would walk to the pub over a bridge and enjoy sitting with the local folks, talking and drinking. Good times.

    Love your photos very much.

  2. What an interesting name -- and with so many origin stories. I love the stone fences making a checkerboard of the landscape.

  3. A nice spot for sheep to be grazing in!

  4. I love place names that are a bit 'different' like this one. The stone walls are quite interesting to me and I really like your photos of them. I love seeing sheep around, too, but ours look a lot different. Thanks for sharing your photos.


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