Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tourist in Your Own Town

Canadian Travel Bugs hosts a monthly challenge to be a tourist in your own town.

This month they are asking us to show off food in our home town. They wrote such a great article about a burger they had just had at a favourite restaurant in Shanghai where they now live. The challenge is food in general but they had me at burgers.

Last summer we went around Toronto trying various burger places.  These photos are in no particular order, we enjoyed all of these. Each restaurant is very unique, no chains here.

County General

Dangerous Dan's a Toronto institution since 1999 and known for its coronary burger.

Blue Goose at Harbourfront. Housed in a container and fueled by solar panels.

Wallace and Company - yes this is the exterior.

Crappy photo, guess we have to go back!!


  1. Coronary burgers are an apt description!

    Soda and comics in the same shop, huh?

  2. A burger tour, that is kind of a fun little project!

  3. I posted a reply to you soon as you posted and I see it didn't work :( I even tried twice and worried you would get a repeated comment. OK third time is the charm right?
    I love your burger places. I hope to find and try some of them this summer when we head home for a few weeks.
    Thanks so much for particiapting and checking me out again :)
    OK it won't accept my wordpress account, so I will post it as anonyomus :(
    But here is the ULR


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